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How To Fix Windswept Haven


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You know me from posts such as this and this and this so I won't introduce myself again. But today I want to post about an efficient and likely easy way to fix the new guild hall. You guys probably remember the Djinn Enclave in the Desolation, right? It's the place where you found your doggo!

But it's also a place where we can find alot of assets, floating in the sky, that could effortlessly be put into the new guild hall and solve all the issues we have with it. Wow, that's quality assets! Take a look!

ANet, you could add the whole city if you're really ambitious, but even the smaller buildings would suffice.

Please, consider it.

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At least turn in bury some of the giant buildings in the back, and expand the borders to include the area right of the entry waypoint, and if you're feeling really ambitious add in a big grotto cave type area somewhere!

I was so frustrated last night decorating with the cliff area right of the waypoint near the waterfall last night because I just kept unexpectedly hitting invisible wall where it didn't look like there should be a wall.

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