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So new trailer, is that what I hope it is?


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In the new trailer they are showing a medizooka that looks totally badass...my question is, do you guys think we will finally be able to have a bazooka that we can use whenever we want or will it be something only playable in the new map?I personally hope they will expand on it giving us also a charzooka that actually deals damage instead of healing(as this one seems to do) as a mastery upgrade, 'cause the idea is sick!I'm keeping my hopes up!

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i think medizooka is a bazooka that heals? lol i dont know, but i doubt it's usable outside of the new map.I just hope we can reach the new part of the map anytyme and not only after beating the meta.also wonder if the 2nd part will be part of the meta too. connected to the first one? independent?

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