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Core Evasion Ranger for WvW roaming/commanding might surprise you


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I have been using this setup on my core ranger. I use it to tag up, and frontline push as well as snipe and finish downs while following a tag. Ranger Core (Evasion Roamer / Commander) The link has full ascended version, I use exotic Power Toughness Vitality armor/weapons, and ascended wanderer trinkets due to ease of farming them on LS3 maps. You can use full exotic P/T/V gear from the WvW token merchants and build this setup on a budget, which works great.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAwiVlFw8YhMM2JW0OqJwSe1KA-zVJYnR3/Z0jUNTVlL/Aiywtl9/0A-wI don't have any footage of how evasive this build is in my 1v2 morning bean water runs. It is satisfyingly fun to evade and push your way to their backline and setup condition spread as you ready for a flanking maneuver when the zerg ball dodges behind you for your back push. This build spreads decent condi with cover condi, which gives you all the credit you need for your sigils to do their magic. I enjoy the gameplay style of this build, but I can understand it might not be everyone's hotrod they're used to using for the tag, pusher, and roamer races. Feel free to hit me up or ignore it. Good luck out there ranger roamers and tags. Coooobraaaa! ;) Que the Suicidal Tendencies- You Can't Bring Me Down

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Perfect for ranger "tag everything for minimal damage" leeches to run (actually maybe not even those people), and nobody else.

  1. Not running light on your feet so shortbow is relegated to 5 targets on 8s cooldown.
  2. Whenever on sword+ dagger , there is no condition damage or precision, so it will hit for barely anything
  3. If your team tries to stealth, because you're a core ranger, the pet will go where it pleases and it will reveal your squad/party location very easily
  4. Dagger offhand is single target
  5. Shortbow is projectile most of the time
  6. No party support whatsoever other than "Protect Me!", so forget about using it for commanding : you're better off with minstrel firebrand/spellbreaker/chrono/scrapper/tempest , condi rev ... even trailblazer or celestial necro
  7. Ranger conditions barely do anything in terms of damage to begin with (unless you're stacking 10+ bleeding with axe in seconds for example), having <200 condition damage means they will be outhealed even by virtue of resolve traited with Absolute Resolution or a scrapper spamming 1 on medkit
  8. There is literally no reason to run this over a permanently merged soulbeast on greatsword, sword+axe / axe+axe that can stanceshare. Even if you want to run the same soldier's wanderer's stats it'd be superior.
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