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Living story season 1 - new chapters?


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@Zhaid Zhem.6508 said:I'm not sure to understand the question.The next chapters to LS season 1, are the season2, then HoT etc.

They mean follow ups to Visions of the Past with more LS1 instances

OP, we have no idea. They have not said they intend to make more and it will require them to either release them as heavily scaled down to make them soloable or as semi strike instances like Forged from Steel.

Since this episode provides a natural break, they might do a part two next


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There wasn't much instanced content that could be put into the scrying pool.The only instanced content that isn't accessible within the scrying pool already exists as fractals.

The other parts of Season 1 would require too much effort to rework to fit as instanced content.Even if Arenanet were to do that, they would merely end up as minuscule reflections of the original events.

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