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Harvesting bug

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it happens to me quite often every single day.

I harvest any plant (like flax) and it disappears from sight & map (like it usually does after harvesting).

But it doesnt give me any item. I have to press F again to collect items (on the ground). Even though i have everything regarded to auto-collect or aoe-collect etc.

Idk how it triggers in my cases ,but i found another way to trigger it, if it may help.

If doing like the "Jackal-Teleport" over an plant and managing to F-Harvest in the right moment , while having the Mount-Teleport end a bit mor fare away, the plant gets harvested but not collected.

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That sounds like the typical issue of what happens when you interact from too far away. I've never had that issue when harvesting but it is quite common when looting chests such at those at the end of JPs or the cache keeper chests in Drizzlewood. The interact range for harvest/open box is larger than the pickup range.

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