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Taming ALL PoF New Pets with my Level 6 Ranger without using teleport or Griffon


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Path of Fire pets at the beginning levels? Sand Lion is easy enough, how about the rest of them? Time for a DIY quest and "personal achievement".

After finishing a guide for getting all PoF pets, I now have a foreknowledge of their location. Now the trick is getting there and acquiring the pet before getting killed. With a flimsy two-hit life, there is nothing you can do but run and dodge. And here's a walkthrough to help other daring low-level Rangers.


  1. Completion of Path of Fire: Chapter 1
  2. Getting all regular mounts, at least level 1 (no griffons needed)
  3. Invitation to "Lily of the Elon" - acquired by purchasing either the Path of Fire Deluxe or Path of Fire Ultimate edition or upgrading your standard edition via Gemstore. This item is only usable in-game after (1.)

Sand LionStarted your journey in Crystal Oasis for a Sand Lion pet, the nearest is just outside north of the Free City of Amnoon before the quarry full of choyas, or under the tree of the hero challenge in the sand dunes, walkthrough below:

Fanged IbogaContinue to Desert Highlands for the Fanged Iboga. From Amnoon city, follow the road and cross dunes to unlock the waypoint of Temple of Kormir. Enter Desert Highlands and navigate through the Salt Flats. Get to the Springer Ranch waypoint and the fanged iboga is just below, gathering in the small plateu, walkthrough below:

CheetahStart from the Temple of Kormir, climb the cliff above the forged camps and glide down to Elon Riverlands entrance. Cross the small ravines and dodge the hydras to unlock Olishar's Oasis Camp waypoint. Now venture the cave for your pet Cheetah, walkthrough below:

Rock GazelleNow the hard part, brave Joko's Gate, The Desolation and tame the Rock Gazelle. Ride the skimmer to levitate above the hostile creatures to enter the map of The Desolation. Ride your jackal through the tunnels, bridge and battlefield dodging the awakened. Beware of the spiders and traps. Using the skimmer through the sulfurous ravines is easier, walkthrough below:

JacarandaFinally get ready to rain lightning to your enemies with a pet Jacaranda, enter the map of Domain of Vabbi from the previous waypoint, Joko's Domain. Take the route above the mines avoiding the forged camp. Unlock the Necropolis waypoint to be safe, get to the back of the Court of the Dead where Jacaranda's welcoming party are waiting, walkthrough below:

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