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[SOLVED] Help! Where was the crystal cavern?

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[sOLVED]Can anyone help me?I've been trying to remember where I had found this small gorgeous crystal cavern/cave years ago.(I'm not talking about the jumping puzzle one. )It was a small area filled with small-medium crystals of multiple colors, had a mesmer gate on the floor I think..? And a veteran (maybe bandit?) lady event would pop up inside the cave every now and then.

I wanted to bring my boyfriend to that place for a special moment..but I can't remember where it was...and I can't find anything about it on google either.. T___THope anyone can help me..

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@Yoruichi Takashi.1548 said:

@"Randulf.7614" said:It's tucked away in Iron Marches

Like I said, it is not the jumping puzzle one. Those are just blueish. The crystals I remember had different colors each. T-T

Yep sorry edited straight after. I know where you mean, ill post the caves location

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Yes it is that one! Thank you very much for the quick help everyone!! \^-^/ <3I just went there in game to be sure.

For some reason I remember those crystals being a lot more vivid in color...Strange...And that Noxia lady seems to be bugged now...she wasn't there before and we could just peacefully sit there for a while back in the day..

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