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Full Grieving Reaper PVE?


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I know hybrid as of today are not recommended but I'm just asking out of plain curiosity. If a hybrid build leans toward power and takes bleed more like a bonus, how much dmg do we lose from that missing ~200 power, ~30% crit chance (assuming Target the Weak trait offers ~6%) and ~ 37% ferocity from a full zerk build in the PVE setting?Build as follow: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PSwAciFlRwuYHMFGJOWLnNTA-zRJYsR3fZUQFEXKI+sExrF-e

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The bad thing about condition damage is that it does not receive benefit from precision or ferocity. It only benefits from expertise. By diverting attributes away from power, precision and ferocity, the net result is lower dps.

If you get too much precision, moving attributes to power, ferocity or expertise often helps. Expertise, unlike condition damage, also improves duration of non-damaging conditions adding to both sustain and crowd control.

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I don't see a point in putting effort into bleeding. It's 3K damage over 14s under Deathly Chill (so let's call it about 200 DPS), so unless it's a champion mob or something like that then it isn't even going to last 14s alive.

37% ferocity is a huge amount especially when you consider the crit chance loss as well. You're also forgetting about the loss of quickness while in squad if it isn't a squad environment.

P.S. I don't see a reason to run Awaken the Pain if you are running a hybrid build.

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