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Pvp UI encourages the lack of attention.


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I was wondering why lack of attention is so high in GW2's pvp. In Neverwinter even in novice levels, basic things like minimap and seeing where help was needed was dominated by the newbies. Second, another problem is a team that starts winning, but loses notion of when the enemy is recovering, causing someone to sometimes "shout" in the chat to team not relax.

Let's go see the differences.

1-Larger life bar, larger icons of allies. In the neverwinter the face of the 4 allies occupies the entire left sidebar. In Guild Wars 2, the small allied status graph makes this ignored for most of the match, who uses a big screens, gets even smaller.

2-Progress bar with the victory score. In Guild Wars 2, we only have the score in number, making it very easy to lose the sense of progression of the game. In the neverwinter, in addition to the numbers with the score, there is a chart with progress bar.

3-Minimap in the upper right corner. Although I believe that in Guild Wars 2, this is personalized, so i will just hint to the players, it's easier to lose attention on the minimap when it's in the lower right corner.

4-Point capture graph in combat area. In Guild Wars 2, players have to keep reminding the newbies all the time that it is to capture the point and avoid fighting offpoint. In the neverwinter this was very rare to occur. in a system similar to the commander's markers, there was a very visible "aura tower" in the combat area indicating which team had that point, so players do not have to take their eye off the combat area to see what point needs to be captured. In Guild Wars 2, the player has to look at the mini-map.

there is a pic, pointing out the elements I am referring to. there also are several videos on the internet with Nw pvp o7sj9wy.jpg

With graphics and user interface "good designed" basic mechanics do not need to be taught by other players and then the game focuses more on combat!

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I agree that certain points of the UI could do with improving, but keeping it simple is a necessity. The main goal was to move away from progress bars and health bars clogging up the screen. In GW1 (as good as that game was) the majority of your time was spent either watching red bars flicker up and down or watching skill cast progress bars to try and get an interrupt. Occasionally you'd be looking at the actual game for positioning purposes.

The minimap here is fine. You get everything you need all in one place. The one flaw I can see though is that for some reason, on certain maps, you can still zoom in fully on the minimap. That shouldnt be possible in PvP as it's unnecessary.

Having the scoreboard as numbers only certainly has its benefits. If you have a score of 400-300 it looks far less drastic than if you were to portray that in progress bar form. This results in far too much defeatism and people tend to give up more often. Not a good thing.

And newbies are newbies. They won't know how to play perfectly from the get go. They're not going to have full map awareness and theyre going to fight off point. Either they learn and get better or they don't. This is where then matchmaking tier system comes in and seperates those who can and those who can't. (Given a high enough population)

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