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Lodestones, how did they mess this one up so badly?


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Really curious the design process behind it. Having Evergreen Lodestones and Mordrem lodestones but then making Mordrem Lodestones drop like candy while having no recipe that uses a significant amount seems insane.Mordrem Lodestones might be the lowest any lodestone in the game has ever gotten, I feel like there was some recipe that they intended to have use them that just never surfaced. What do you guys think is the reason they basically made this vendor trash?

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I speculate that:

  • Griever and Marshal stats were intended to use Evergreen Lodestones & Eyes of Kormir (And maybe or especially for the associated trinkets.)
  • This would have spiked demand for one new item and one... not really-plentiful-in-HoT one.
  • This is why they were concerned about how Eye of Kormir prices sticking past the first day.

For reasons unknown, the recipes were pulled at the last minute, resulting in this fine mess in which we find ourselves.(Even if it's not true, this is a more comforting thought than the alternative: they had no clue what they were getting into.)

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