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Can I easily recover from this mistake?

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I recommend to you this wiki page: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Hero_pointAs explained there - it is enough to level to 80 to unlock all the core stuff. The 2 elite specs need 500 more to fully get trained. And if you get every hero point possible in the game there are 404 more than needed to unlock everything.

Most likely you won't get the ones from WvW and the obelisk shard from home instance. Considering that the ones from HoT/PoF give 10 hero points per hero challenge ... I'd sugget going for them first. PoF everythign was soloable for me. (Recently did it.) But I understand that for new players it can be a bit harder. Still easier to find help in PoF maps than HoT where you need a bigger group for some points. (PoF is also recommended because of the mounts. Unless you are the type of player that wants to play stuff in order of release slowly.)

I had a harder time with Holosmith in the beginning. (My main is engineer and I understand that leveling core engineere can be a bit boring. I played it back then in 2012/13 and played wrong builds and tried even turrets. :D Soo slow doing damage lol.) Really need to make him focused on dps to kill fast. (To prevent mobs from even damaging you a lot in the first place. That might need good gear as well.) At least that was my recent experience - when I started to like Holo.

(I played everything in release order. Scrapper first.) Scrapper is naturally more durable I guess. Has different traits and stuff and the skills are nice for soloing certain stuff. (Commune type of Hero challenge where the stealth gyro is fun.)

Maybe you should focus on getting scrapper unlocked fully for stealth gyro and try that one a bit. Trying to do group stuff (HoT maps have popular meta events where befor or after the meta you migh find players to help with the harder herochallenges there) and then getting a bit better gear.

Try to look at the builds others recommended but also try to find your own playstyle. If you are not in a hurry and not focused on only 1-2 types of content (rushing for fractals or stuff) try to enjoy different stuff and take it a bit slower. (Story maybe. And Achievements and stuff.)

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both elite specialisations can be unlocked and you do not need an elite specialisation to do so. So if you dislike scrapper you can ignore it fully and go with a core build to get the hero points for holo.

There are 1299 heropoints in game. If you have unlocked all for scrapper you used 408 heropints (250 on scrapper and 158 on core). You alleady started on holo, but let's asume you did not. This means you still need 250 more heropoints while there are 891 heropoints in the game.

The easiest way to get them is to start a heropoint train. But also with a small team it is relativly easy.

You can start a new character, but keep in mind that you would still like to get all elite specialisations unlocked and possibly more (just to have a headstart for the next elite specialisation). It is perfectly well possible to do this with a core build or a scrapper build. Perhaps look into getting a proper build. As for gear, just get bezerker gear, this goes well with holosmith as well.

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@"Local is Lekker.2970" said:I played at the start of the covid pandemic, and after a really hard time got my Engineer to 80. I started working on map completion and used the hero points I got to unlock and learn Holo. I started playing again a few days ago and decided to instead go scrapper. That was a huge mistake unfortunately. My engineer is now extremely underpowered that I have finally gotten to the expansions/living world. It is really hard to kill things, and I die very easily, even with Dire equipment.

To be honest, if there isnt a way to fix this, my alternatives to is delete the character or stop playing again. I hope you can give me a possible solution on how to reset the hero points I have spent somehow.

Hero points are not an issue in gw2, there are A LOT more than you will ever need to unlock everything. I have everything unlocked on my main and a couple hundred hero points more. I don't think there's any reason to delete a character other than that you don't want that specific character anymore tbh and replace it with something different.I think there's no way of actually resetting your hero points spent tho. A good way to farm more hero points are hero point challenges in HoT or PoF because they immediately give you 10 hp if you complete them. Or you could get testamonies of heroics and unlock the hero points from HoT/PoF challenges via a vendor in WvW.

If you feel "extremely underpowered" check if your gear is at level 80 and at least exotic (preferably ascended but that's only ~5% improvement so nothing to worry about really. Also add some runes and sigils maybe) and make sure that your build is at least somewhat suited for your weapons, utilities, stats and playstyle. No need to take a trait that reduces cooldowns for pistol skills if you play with rifle for example. Also do all your equip pieces have the same stats (in your case Dire) or do you also have some other stat combos equipped that don't suit your build?Because really this should not be an issue, any specialization (even core) should be at least viable in open world content or story. Engineer, Scrapper, Holo,.. doesn't matter, the class should not feel underpowered.

If everything else is set up correctly you should really look into improving your game knowledge regarding combat, rotations, combo finisher, etc. Look at some open world/fractal/raid builds and read their play guide for damage rotations, survivability, etc. Metabattle has a lot to offer in general and there are also other good websites where specialized builds for fractals or raids are kept up to date.Arenanet once published a blog post or something regarding the damage output (I think in raids but don't know anymore) and according to their data the highest performing players had 10 times the damage output compared to the worst perfoming players. I'm just speculating for this but I'd assume that for survivability it's a similar story.

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