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Easy tempest rotation in pve?


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I doubt it. I've seen a benchmark of a meme air tempest (dagger+warhorn) last year pushing 24K on power tempest camping air attunement with bolt to the heart.Build was bottom-mid-top in air , mid-bottom-bottom in water , and bottom-bottom-bottom in tempest. This was before Transcendent Tempest I think because nobody uses Harmonious Conduit on a DPS build.Non-heal utilities were signet of fire, arcane blast, glyph of storms, "rebound"!.

I also saw a condi tempest bench of ~25K with dagger mainhand that camp fire attunement. Viper gear, nightmare runes, utilities were the glyph of storms, glypho of elemental power, signet of fire, elemental elite. Fire (top-top-top), earth (mid-top-mid), tempest (top-bottom-top).

Someone also benched power weaver (sword+dagger) on air attunement pushing 19K DPS just autoattacking (Bolt to the Heart variant).

Honestly I would not recommend camping an attunement, just play a different class such as berserker, staff daredevil, soulbeast (single shortbow condi soulbeast), or condi scourge. At least swap between air + fire if you're on power gear.

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