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I blame Reddit messing with investors. ;)

Seriously though, I think some people are pre-emptively stocking up on cheap items hoping that when the expansion is announced or when it's released prices will jump up. As far as I know there's not been any leaks so it's likely based purely on guess work, but I suppose if you're looking at the cheapest materials there's very little risk there.

About 2 months ago thanks to a series of stupid ideas I ended up with about 2,000 Congealed Putrescence listed on the Trading Post, which I thought was going to take forever to sell because there were over 10,000 listed at 2c each and due to a bug new ones kept appearing at 1c each even though it's below the minimum price. Then one day it was all gone. Someone (or several people) had bought several thousand Congealed Putrescence over the course of an hour or two. It hasn't shifted the price and barely put a dent in the overall supply, but it was still a massive sale for that item. I've noticed similar shifts in other cheap items too.

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