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what are the best things to grow in home instance gardens?

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The best thing to do is check value on crops, Onion and Garlic I think tend to be highest value of the seeds u get free that auto-plant after harvest till changed. For ascended food it kinda depends on if you have seeds and the cost of making seeds. Gw2efficientcy I think finally shows the best/cheapest food to use in the crafting calculator to salvage for Compost to make the seed. Just be sure to consider the cost of the seed + compost for total cost.

Crafting Cost of Each Seed type.Mint seed https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator/a~0!b~1!c~0!d~1-91749Sesame Seed https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator/a~0!b~1!c~0!d~1-91681Cilantro Seed https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator/a~0!b~1!c~0!d~1-91695Clove Seed https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator/a~0!b~1!c~0!d~1-91776Peppercorn Seed https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator/a~0!b~1!c~0!d~1-91802

Values of each Cultivated crop (buy prices)https://www.gw2bltc.com/en/tp/search?name=Cultivated

Also for the non-ascended (stuff friends can loot) I check the wiki herehttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Garden_plot

You can sort the list by value. Today Cayenne pepper seems to have the best price, but I would say onion and garlic have been more steady

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