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Can anyone show me how the new jackal mount skin looks on charr?


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I think about getting it but I'm not sure and I'm still looking for a few mount skins that fit a heavier looking charr and don't make the mount look like it's getting severe spine problems after a time. Unfortunately I have sh.it luck with chests so I don't even try getting it from there and there's no other way for me to get gems by converting to gold so I need to rethink everything good as I don't have generous friends that could help me or gift me stuff like I always see on tumblr. I could try to do commissions again but then nobody would care and commission me and generally I have a shitty reputation within the tumblr gw2 community due to some lies and rumors being told about me back in 2016...So could anyone maybe help with my decision and show me a good shot (preferably side view) of how the mount looks for non human female players?

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I've searched google for you since there aren't many posted screenshots yet on the forum or on twitter. Charr is shown at the beginning

Hope that answers your query. It's a superb skin and it seems to look great on Charr. If you get it, feel free to contribute in the below link (or in this thread if you prefer) as screenshots are welcome, but a little light on the take up at the moment https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/122941/finally-a-beefy-mount-for-my-charr#first . Certainly be nice to see more dye schemes as well

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