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Correction: Map Change deletes Build

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After it just happened for the second time again to my Revenant, but while switching maps in WvW instead, this seems to be less of a Celestial Challenge but more of a map change / Revenant problem. I edited the thread title accordingly.

I just came out of the Celestial Challenge activity with my Revenant and noticed that I suddenly had no more utility skills equipped. Upon checking in the build panel I found out that somehow the active build had been completely erased, traits and all. Since it is the first time this happened I can not say if it has anything to do with the most recent patch, the Revenant profession or the fact that I switched builds during the activity (since one of the challenges had targets that were immune to condition damage and my active build was all condi damage).For the time being I would definitely recommend saving build backups in the build storage before entering the Celestial Challenge.

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Yeah, I tried again today, changed Builds several times during the activity etc. No idea what the trigger for losing the build was yesterday since I couldn't replicate the bug. At this point all I could do on my end is blindly speculate about possible server hiccups or something like that, so I am pretty much at a loss here.

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