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gw2tp graphs stalled


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Wondering if anyone else that uses gw2tp has noticed that the graph data seems to have stalled since 7pm on Feb 18, and likewise the buy / sell price data shown when you get a search listing (rather than a single item page) matches the values on item graphs from that same timestamp. Looks like everything but the data fetched on demand is stalled or stuck using an old cache.

I tried clearing my browser caches and also checked with a browser I haven't otherwise used in months which shouldn't have anything from this site cached, but still get the old data.

Really wondering if it's just me or the site itself.

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theres a recent google chrome bug related to timezone, perhaps is related? to solve chrome bug, u nedd change TMZ to anything, open chrome, close chrome, rechange to ur normal TMZ and open chrome again....... this is the only way to solve this bug.

this was causing issues with gw2 timers on my computer. perhaps its caus odd behaviours with browse related services.



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Thanks for the suggestion. I updated to the most recent version of Chrome and Java (was one update behind on both). I checked after this and noticed that, strangely, the graphs and tabled buy / sell values are now only up to Feb 18 ~10am from Feb 18 7pm. Weird.

I went ahead and tried the TMZ "fix" after that but there were no further changes to the site.

Could just be something up with highcharts.com regurgitating old data. Unfortunately, I think gw2tp is pretty much on autopilot, and there's no readily available contact info on the site, so looks like a wait and see thing.

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