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What would you prefer: Superspeed meta vs superslow meta


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Positioning and clever movement strategy has so much potential (already does, but it can be taken further). I'm not referring to aoe superspeed spam, I think players as individuals should have more access to superspeed. It's so much more fun than slow meta. It requires actual thought and prediction and kind of makes the game more like something akin to Warthunder. I think most people reading this won't truly appreciate that, but here goes nothing; what are your thoughts.

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@Strider Pj.2193 said:Hmmm. I guess it’s pretty clear what you want people to answer.

I think the phrase ‘biased poll’ would be an understatement.

As to the question, I won’t vote on a public poll, but less boons, including less AOE CCs would be great. You can’t have one without the other.

Agreed. Biased poll is biased (and is it wrong ?)

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@"Stand The Wall.6987" said:someones mad at condis again, quick anat nerfhammer dem ticcers

I understand what you're getting at, this is a response I use often myself regarding plenty of 'balance' issues, except that ... condi is, unsurprisingly, still, overperforming for the level of skill needed to be effective with it in a competitive mode and most ele builds do not have nearly enough cleanse to deal with the condi output. As an ele main, I will always see condi through the lens of "there is one or two builds I can play that counter condi and the rest are almost helpless to it; feelsunbalancedman".

It is almost unquestioned knowledge at this point from anyone who doesn't main a condi build (and even some who do).

Forgot I was on gw2 forums, my mistake. Most ppl in-game agree, most people here don't. It's kinda weird. Kinda seems like one side actually plays the game and the other doesn't. Idk. Not sure why I make these threads when I know the same people will come in to say the same things like every time ?

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