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Bring back the guild archmage cowl!

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So the guild archmage set is very similar to the devout set, with the distinct exception of the head piece (and chest piece, but that is still available). Th head piece of the devout set looks like someone vacuum sealed the archmage cowl to our character's head.This is really unfortunate because there are so few good basic hoods in the game. Too many have some weird additions to them or sit funky and make our characters look bald. The guild archmage cowl is just a very solid, basic, hood.

So to that end I am asking, no, begging, Anet to add the guild archmage cowl back to the guild armorers! No additional work needed! Just add the armor piece back into the vendor's inventory. It's genuinely one of the best looking hoods in the game.

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I agree, it would be nice to get the old guild armour sets back. They were another unfortunate casualty of the big overhaul of the PvP reward system and moving all skins to the wardrobe - most of the things which were PvP exclusive at the time were lost. Some of those have been reintroduced, through the legacy reward track and other methods, but for some reason these never were.

A simple solution would be to add them to the Legacy Armor Box, so you just have to complete the reward track to get them, which would be pretty similar to the old method of collecting tokens from playing PvP matches to get them. Or they could add them to a vendor somewhere.

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