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World Boss Portal [Suggestion] to change its functions

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This devicehttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World_Boss_Portal_Device

I have purchased this Device probably 3 years back , got it the moment it hits the gem store as a new item, because I thought it would be very useful. It turns out that it is only useful for players who run the world boss train.

therefore I would like that it has more features.1) set alarm for a particular boss that I need for a particular collections, achievements - IE: input craftinig X precursor, select which tier and all the bosses i need to kill for crafting X precursor will be there for the device to notify me when they are up.2) when you port to the boss you get a food and oil3) add more "monsters" to the device, ie the Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly4) Dynamic events of all maps.

Thank You very much.

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1> Could be useful, perhaps. Can always use the wiki, though, to know which boss will spawn when.2> Why get free stuff? Disagree here.3> Then it wouldn't be a World Boss Portal Device. Also, there is a thing that you can use to tell you when the LLA is up4> See #4

It's like you're looking for an all-in-one device. While I can understand the desire for one, I'm not sure that it would be profitable enough for Anet to make it.

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It’s a portal device, not a personal world boss planner and auto food/utility consumer.

Adding other dynamic events would also no longer make it a “world boss” portal and there’s also the issue that most of the other dynamic events are based on the server instance rather than a set server time.

The world bosses are on a set schedule. You can type ‘/wiki wb’ in game to see that schedule.

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