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Countless Virtuoso Sidenoder


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Avatar will just do less damage and have equal sustain to sages. I think scepter + sword offhand and staff is set up that has higher blade generation since scepter 2 and sword 4 both generate 2 blades and at same time scepter will output more damage and so will staff with sages. Another possible change is running illusions over dueling which will again give you more damage and because I believe this spec will have good blade generation you will probably be running out of shatters especially when you consider F4 has same block duration with 1 or 5 blade shatter, so you probably wanna use it with 1 blade always since damage was kinda bad. So illusions gives you double F1, shorter shatter cd (more cleanse, more healing), and you get access to torment on shatters which is more damage and then for last you can either go middle or bottom depending on how good middle one is on F4, but scepter with quickness autos + 20% haste trait will generate blades very fast (i believe its under a second). Another thing to consider is if Ether Feast stays the same it will heal for 10k with 5 blades on 25s cd. I'm also not a fan of dolyak rune here I think rune of mirage would be nice giving condi damage and toughness plus decent passive though i think Lynx/Traveller could be considered since this spec has worse mobility than fire weaver and if meta goes back to where sidenoders needed to be somewhat mobile that would be a problem. I think utilities are prefect with heal being interchangeable with Ether Feast. 


I think your current version would lack any kind of pressure and would be spec similar to water weaver. 

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Ironically F4 being a block instead off invulnerability is like the only saving grace and a chance for this spec from having a chance at viability, on the other hand anything with unblockable CC could just make it unusable.
How the kitten do you defend yourself against a thief +1, as you cant use disort, weapons have 0 dodges, and your only stealth is desperate decoy? all you can do is dodge once, twice blink and die.

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