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  1. 1. You will never hit f1 on high range, ever. The tracking is next level terrible. 2. It's not 4s block, it's literally 1.5 seconds.
  2. Not just talking about mesmer players, everyone , from drazeh to boyce to naru will say it. You would be hard pressed to find a single player above a certain caliber who disagrees
  3. Interesting that literally every known/good player disagrees
  4. Can you just not play ranked for like four days days during expansion beta? You know that the last time we had an expansion beta was four years ago right?
  5. Well, you are right that you are not particularly good.
  6. Also f3 literally doesnt track at all, as in, if they are walking to the side it just misses
  7. there is probably some wonkyness going on because the phantasm blades count as coming from your phantasm (uses the phantasm weapon strength etc) according to cmc
  8. i could not get f1 to do more damage with shatter storm. in fact, it actually seemed to do less (very slightly, like 10-20 damage less)
  9. But virt f1-f3 aren't instant, so what do you mean?
  10. The reason it works when not pressing w is because skills in this game have an auto-face functionality when standing still. For example, try it with mirror blade. This is universal in this game and not unique for virtuoso shatters.
  11. And also by swiftness and superspeed, which is fun
  12. The facing your target thing we are talking about in this thread though is not a bug
  13. I agree the projectiles are bad on F1 and F3, this is what we should be campaigning for them to fix first and foremost, F2 is good though.
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