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  1. Yes that would also be good, and similarly intelligence sigil could become fury on weapon swap.
  2. ???? seriously in that case its a massive nerf, it always gave prot on all chaos armor
  3. Bring back 2 dodges and remove energy sigil from PvP, I've said it before and I'll say it again.
  4. 1. wait for the patch this evening 2. dodge as soon as you see the 2 phantasmal berserkers spawn near you (maybe hard in wvw)
  5. Yeah It isn't an issue rn in terms of balance, luckily. I agree (though note that this thread is really about the Danger Time nerf, we went off on a stupid tangent). Condi Chrono is a phantasm oriented build which uses Chronophantasma. Helseth and Drazeh stream it: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABw+trlVwuYYMPWJWuXvNdA-zZoKjMrgeTBXHA https://www.twitch.tv/thelordhelseth https://www.twitch.tv/drazeh
  6. Upping the crit chance to 25-30% to compensate the removal of crit dmg would be completely fine w/ me.
  7. Idk what you mean here. Yeah most wells except grav well are underpowered atm in PvP, what can I say. Chronophantasma is activated automatically, passively. In that way it isn't an active; you don't do/press anything to activate it. Exactly what I said (well except 3rd sentence which is dumb). ??? It's not "the end of chrono as we know it" lmao, it's a slight, but unecessary, nerf to an underperforming PvP spec (power Chrono). Did I link a build? I forgot in that case. Don't know what you mean by this, sounds irrelevant. Don't know what you mean
  8. Yes they can happen but not in that instance in that way. Take the example of computer keyboards, they regressed in practice from the solid high-quality chucks of steel that IBM made to plastic membrane ones, but the technology/knowledge wasn't lost just the material conditions (the factories shut down etc), it wasn't profitable anymore. Anyway let's stick to gw2.
  9. 1. there can be single talents that just happen to be born with the right genetics and upbringing but those are exceptions 2. nasa didn't lose the skills, they have way better technology and science now, just not the funding or interest 3. in gw2, kiting is a pretty good example, back in the days of kiting like royalty on legacy, kiting with jump spots and jukes etc was a rarity, now every fker in plat 2 knows how to do them all.
  10. Yeah, you can tell from just watching old VoDs, the further back you go the more clear it is. That said they were prob better in terms of team play.
  11. Common misconception, people are actually mechanically stronger now than back then.
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