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Fraenir of Jormag [Solved]

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Hi there,

we have tried to do strike mission with guild. But after Icebrood Construct spawns, some of us get error. And game crashed.
It was 5 people, and we got kicked 3 times, after we /gg and try again. Always same peoples.
We have different computers and different settings and we are in different lands. And we play different professions.

UPD: No beta characters was in our squad.

UPD: We have removed all helper-tools before starting becouse of new build.
Each time i sand crash-report.

Let see if someone get same something like this too...

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20 minutes ago, Magische Boek.2530 said:

Yup, #metoo.


Never see others crashing. im always in the group that crashes unfortunately.

Im starting to suspect addons being the problem.


I don't think so, 'couse we have removed everything. Also we have tried to restart PC, and tried to repair...

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This also happened to me a few times 😕
- I don't use any addons
- No beta specs in squad

On Fraenir 1 time when construct spawned and one time when the CC bar was about to pop.
Then on Boneskinner 2 times when the first CC bar goes up.

5-7 people in our squad were constantly crashing on the same exact point in the fight.

What's funny - WoJ worked fine as well as Shiver Pass. The first one includes CC bars, the latter one is a copy of Fraenirs Construct(?).

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