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Harbingers are surprisingly tanky


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It's an inversion on how you traditionally fight a necromancer. They are tanky with large HP pool outside of shroud (and this is also where they passively heal), and then they are squishy inside of shroud. Therefor if you want to defeat them, you would do the opposite of how you normally fight necromancers : When they enter shroud, you focus fire (rather than kite away) and when they leave shroud, you want to slowly pressure them into using their shroud. Being in shroud is also when the necromancer is the most dangerous.


The Harbinger tradeoff is probably the more interactive mechanic of the beta and I like how it changes and effects player behavior. It's a shame that people are frustrated with it, but this is because the spec has really mediocre synergies, and in general doesn't make a whole lot of sense design wise.

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