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Odd question about character creation and rerolling

Hi guys! I'm returning to GW2 after maaany years away. I forget everything :-/. So i basically want to reroll my characters and start over. I'd like to make them look exactly like they did but start over at level one. My question is how do i enter character creation for these already-created characters to see their exact build? I can't remember if there is an in-game item i buy or if it's a real money extra you have to buy. I wish i could just wipe their memories but that doesn't sound very nice. Thanks for your help!


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    I'd recommend against deleting an older character since the birthday gifts you get are fairly valuable. And I'm not sure you'd want two characters that look exactly the same.

    There's no real way to copy look information. The best you can do is screenshot the character and then adjust the look of a new character till you get the same look. Hope this helps.

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    First of all, you should't delete your character. It gets regular birthday rewards which are more powerful each year. So just park it somewhere and use it as a MULE or RP character or something, but don't delete it, otherwise you miss out on items like "Instant level 20/30/40/50/60 Experience Scroll" (depending on the age of the characters), exclusive dyes that cost upwards of 50-100g, and on 6-7 year old characters, anniversary-themed weapons and armor sets and other exclusive rewards that you can only get from Birthday Gifts.

    Second, you can see all the information about it in Hero->Story->My Story->"I'm [name]" to get the details of character creation. To see what you selected for appearances, go to the Trading Post in any city and you'll see an NPC called "Makeover Preview". Bringing it up shows the various settings that you used (and allows you to preview changing them, too).

    Hope this helps.

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  • Awesome. You guys are crazy helpful on this forum. I'll take all of your advice

  • As someone who rerolls all the time, do what you want. Why keep a character you don't like? It's not that hard to level up characters or get ToKs. If you talk to the mark over artist npc, I think that there is one in DR by the tp, he'll show you your build.

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    I agree that there's no need to keep a character you're sure you don't want, but I don't think it's a good idea to try and make that decision when you've just come back to the game and are feeling overwhelmed with it. Especially just because you're feeling overwhelmed.

    I often move between games and will sometimes go back to one I've not played in months or years. It's almost always confusing at first, when I don't remember what I was doing or even how the combat and items work. My solution is to start a new character or new save file and play through from the begining for a while, but also keep my old characters. Sometimes it comes back to me quickly and then I switch back to what I was doing before I stopped playing. Sometimes it takes a while for me to get up to speed, and sometimes I end up sticking with my new character and do eventually delete the old ones, but only when I'm sure I don't want them any more.

    I know plenty of people who have deleted old GW2 characters, even their oldest ones, and don't regret it. But I know others who deleted old characters and regret it every time they get a birthday gift or new gifts come out and they know they'll have to wait months or years for it. Or they don't care about birthday gifts but ended up re-making the character exactly as they were and had to level them all over again. Unless you're sure you know how you'll feel about losing everything that character has (and you're sure you know what that is) I think it's better to wait and make that decision later on.

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    1. As advised by others previously, if you delete a character, you will lose their birthday. Birthdays go by character age, not account age.
    2. You can press "H" to open your character's Hero Panel and enter and copy their builds.
    3. You can visit a Makeover Preview NPC to make screenshots of the colors and sliders in order to be able to copy the look 1:1.