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Basic Might Math?

Sorry, haven't played in years, but recently resubbed and am trying to flesh some things out. Running a new lvl 80 D/D Ele. I'm curious on sigils. I used to run Battle (might on swap) and the stacking might on kill. That was a long time ago at much lower level. I am still looking at the might on swap, but I am wondering about the matho on all this now.

Is there a conversion where I know where how many stacks of might = the 5% damage rune? or conversions between might/straight damage/Crit%?

I just need some kind of rule of thumb I guess on how to look at sigils,. (And probably stats and everything else but I'll keep this narrow)

Thank You!


  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Might is +30 Power / Condition damage per stack. Your typical Berserker's stat gear has 2556 or 2557 power with ~230% crit damage.
    For the might to be equal +5% it would be ~4 stacks of might.

    Keep in mind might on a typical warrior running Pinnacle of Strength gains +40 power per stack.

    Wouldn't recommend running a might on swap sigil though , Pyromancer's Puissance gives plenty of might and so does Arcane Prowess if you run the Arcane traitline.

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    The direct damage formula is a multiplication. So you can easily determine the impact of additional power granted by might.

    1 might grants 30 power. So if you have 3000 power that's a damage increase of 1%. At 2000 power 1 might is a damage increase of 1.5% and at 1000 power it's a 3% damage increase.

    So the calculation is:
    additional power via might / power * 100

    Example for a 25 might stack (750 power) on a build with grear that grants 2500 power:
    750 / 2500 * 100 = 30% increased damage

    There are traits that modify the might value. E.g. a necro trait modifies might to grant 40 power. A 25 might stack is then 1000 power instead of 750.

    The damage formula for conditions is a far more complex as each condition has its own formula that on top is not necessary a multiplication.

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    @KrHome.1920 said:
    The damage formula for conditions is a far more complex as each condition has its own formula that on top is not necessary a multiplication.

    It is not that much different. Each condition has base + scaling coefficient but that is the same for direct.

  • Thank you guys!

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    Note that Might is almost always more effective than %damage bonuses when you're not a full DPS. This is because the Might stacking is insane when a player doesn't have very high damage stats to begin with, as its basically free stats.

    That's why applying Might to NPCs (like pets, elementals) makes them strong when normally they hit like toys.

    Only go with %damage bonuses instead if you're specifically min/maxing and can take advantage of damage scaling.

    Another thing to be weary of is Ele is squishy, If you chose to run a damage build (especially without Healing Power), then expect to die on literally every hit on the expos. You miss a single dodge and you'll be eating dirt.

    So in that case a hybrid build with some healing and Might stacking works better, i think.

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  • In a party it is very common to hit the cap of 25 stacks rather easily.Then %dmg still increases youer dmg while further mightsacks do not.