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Request your fashion makeover - it's free!



  • DerJoker.9081DerJoker.9081 Member ✭✭✭

    Somehow its not embedding the picture and i cant edit my comments right now??? Dont know what im doing wrong, but anyways, here are the imgur links:

  • Iris Ng.9845Iris Ng.9845 Member ✭✭✭

    @DerJoker.9081 said:
    Hey Iris, I'm in desperate need of some fashion advice.

    Some background info:
    I'm usually fairly good of on my own regarding fashion in gw2, nearly all my characters look how I imagine them.

    I made this chart ranger to split my gear (healing and DPS) between my 2 rangers.
    My (now)healer is a sylvari that looks all fancy and magical, with aurora, infusions, Wings of Ascension etc.

    I want the charr soulbeast to look a bit more beefy, combat ready, like a type of fighter that goes into battle head on, without relying on magic. I'd also love a touch towards heavy armor on him, with metal plating or something like that.
    Right now he uses Brahams Wolfblood Outfit with a green/brown/gold/pale blue colour scheme.

    The ranger has the Priory's Historical Greatsword skin, which is one of my favourite non-magic skins, but I don't like the longbow skin of that set. I use the Auric longbow skin bit although I like the colours and the size (that "heavy" feeling it has) it is too magical for this character. I tried to match the character with the Priory's Historical Greatsword, regarding colour.

    Can you help me? :/ :)

    I'm brainstorming some outfits based on your description. Each has a varying degree of savagery and semi-modernity. Let me know which one piques your interest. Dyes are tentative to bring out the contrast and texture. Personally, I like the one with the Sand shifting longbow the most. Given the Priory Durmand is a collective of researchers, some archaeology element really fits the overall theme.

  • DerJoker.9081DerJoker.9081 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 8, 2019

    Wow Iris, these look rlly good!
    I might switch the longbow though, because I don't want magical looking things, but the rest looks really beefy, love it.
    Thank you very much

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