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  1. I can imagine the rage and name calling during pug and static runs. I agree, it would be fun to me at the very least.
  2. Can people complaining about big guild halls just leave us who had been wanting for big guild halls for years alone? Lol. Since 2012 to 2015/HoT, the only place you could gather the guild is the small mansion on the side of Lion's Arch (look up where the guild commendation vendor is). If you like to squeeze in a small cozy place, just go there. They even have a couch by the fireplace to lounge around. Me and others, we love our big guild halls. Decorating the guild halls is the only fun thing to play after fashion wars. While we're at it, please increase the decoration limit!
  3. "Tragedies always happen when people force ideas onto each other, or their way into a relationship. The perceived toxicity roots in their prejudice and judgemental minds. No one and nothing will change unless people's mindset change." An interesting statement, which is proceeded by an incompatible premise: "When you join any groups of people, be courteous, humble, respectful and more importantly, compliant to the wish of that group. No one trashes a person with a positive attitude. If you're not a good fit for the group, regretfully you have to leave." This sounds more like: "If you don't fit in the limited notions of how you should act, and how you should play, you aren't welcome here. Even though this is an online game and we're asking for help in a public medium instead of from our private mediums such as guilds." This is literally a catch 22 situation you've created here. Tolerance and pleasantries to mask intolerance and rejection. It's funny when you twist my words around like that. It just shows how negative someone can be dealing with rejection. There are many specific examples in the raid context: if a group wants to speedclear, it's reasonable for everyone to expect a certain level of experience in every individuals. If that group is a training, then they may expect the newbies to join discord, listen to the instructions and reaffirm that they understand and can perform the task. Is it not silly to feel entitled as a new raider not to conform to the demand of the group you're joining? Same would apply to real life job hunting. If the job requires someone to have 5 years in the field, the applicants would either need to meet the qualifications or simply look for another which either asks for less experience or offer training on hire. Now if you're on probation, you still have to follow protocols, report to your supervisors and complete your assigned tasks until you can work autonomously. Is it any different from being complying with your group's requirement? I don't disagree with your statement. No one has to put up with anything. However, the raiding scene is not as nasty as how the forum warriors make it sound. Being pleasant will get people very very far. I'm speaking of my own experience in NA, knowing a lot of people in the circle and participate in many raid trainings since 2015. One of the then "new" players that I have taken training in 2016 is now a distinguished Dhuum clear record holder. By being nice, supportive and working hard, he got accepted into every hardcore groups, even invited to do selling. It's truly a magic trick in the socialization playbook. If you're interested in getting into raids, I don't see why you have to play something else. There are many ways to work your schedules and find a group. But because you have to be respectful to other people, you'd rather not? Well, no one has to coax a loner into accepting the group either. It should be the other way around: working towards the common goal of the group. In my 7 years of running group content (I started learning and running dungeons in 2013. My training guild was Dungeon Mentor, if anyone still remembers), I did get kicked a few times. Some of them were jerks but there wasn't really any hard feelings. Because I could always join the next group and completed my goal. Over time, I rarely see those jerks again, much less remember their names. But friends I made during pugs, I have A LOT. I always remember the nicer ones, and to return their favor, I prioritize to help them or be there during their struggles. Exactly, mutual edifications happen in cooperative games. Being selfish and get rejected, or being a team player and get welcome to anywhere.
  4. First of all, I suppose the OP is confused between frustrating and boring. A boring state of the game would be nothing new to do and we end up with repeating the same thing over and over and over, as per the content drought in 2015. Secondly, your frustration with some more challenging part of the personal story and open world event is understandable. As a new player, it's easy to miss a clue during the personal story (tip: there is always a visual or audio clue that instructs you how to clear a certain part easily. It can be special action key, arrow markers or star markers) where the completion is not only about fighting something but also figuring out a puzzle. It's not a shame at all to ask for help (in guild chat, map chat or on LFG) or do your research at your comfortable pace (look up wiki, create a topic on forum and reddit "How do I complete this part of the quest", etc.) Plenty of players would be more than happy to point you to the right direction or assist you directly without interfering with your own accomplishment. Thirdly, if it's about an open world event where you need help to fend off against 20 mobs on your own? Always ask in map chat for help. You'll be surprised at how you can easily rally people to your cause. Not enough people in map? Ask in guild or post an LFG and wait for a couple of minutes. For example: groups are still doing Vinetooth Primes to this day even though it's annoyingly difficult and not a part of the meta. It's because you need it in some collection and so groups of the same like-minded are formed. Last but not least, how to fix a 'boring' game? A real specific suggestion would be both helpful and interesting to read. I wish I were a new player again.
  5. I want to see something to complete the pve legendary trinket set. It has such a cool concept that I'll be bummed out forever with the current product. Anything but the floating poop inside the orb.
  6. Back when Festival of the four winds was first re-released, ANet did a huge kitten up on the rare drop rates and flush the market with infusions. (I'm talking about 3k gold chak infusion off buying orders). They hashed out a fix which obviously overtuned the drop rates and kept them the same for years. The same patterns repeat everytime. So the take out of the history lesson? Gambling box is only worth if it's freshly introduced. Side note: it may be worth it to flip Chaos of Lyssa recipe. Or maybe not because the game is saturated with evermore flashy backpacks.
  7. I have this magic trick that I wish to share with everyone. It applies to joining any kinds of group content, even raids and PvP, and it also works out for any social gatherings, too. When you join any groups of people, be courteous, humble, respectful and more importantly, compliant to the wish of that group. No one trashes a person with a positive attitude. If you're not a good fit for the group, regretfully you have to leave. But there are other fish in the sea. Keep looking and you'll find your match. Make your own group and more power to you. Tragedies always happen when people force ideas onto each other, or their way into a relationship. The perceived toxicity roots in their prejudice and judgemental minds. No one and nothing will change unless people's mindset change. I have seen this type of ranting post a lot since Dungeons were mastered and speed cleared. People came to the forum with a clear divisive "them" vs. "us" mentality and a strong conviction to smite the other down with their words, even trying to bend ANet to their side to deliver the divine judgement to the opposing faction. After a few years, what comes out of it? Most has left the game, new people come in, the topic has drifted to the new subject of elitism: raids. But, but what about those victims of then dungeon elitism? Have they got the clears they deserve now that all their enemy elitists are purged? Now to the same people who feel raid toxicity has exclude them from doing the content: What do you truly want? The content, the acceptance to someone else's group, or the satisfaction that "if it's not mine, none shall have it"? If it's the content, start working towards it on your own pace and few really bothers you if you set your eyes on the goal. If it's the acceptance, start working towards being an asset of the team, mostly attitude and some skills to back your confidence. If it's the Doomsday, well, be your bitter person. Nothing will change. Same old, same old. Just a shower of thoughts. Tl;dr "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."
  8. I main supports in all the game modes. It's just my play style. I have all the possible heal builds with fully ascended gears. I also have alts to play DPS for flavor. At the moment I just hit the 38k AP milestone, so I'm focusing on my boyfriend's account and my second account.
  9. Last week, one of my static groups moved our usual clear to a different time slot and so I had to change one of my guild raid training schedule. As a result, only four guuldies showed up for the training and we barely made half of the squad with enough support roles. I made a bold move to pug the rest along with the druid and off chrono roles. We started out at Xera, my LFG simply states "Xera training: LF Chrono, druid, DPS. Leyline gliding required". Some DPS joined without realizing the needs for the mastery. We gently explained to them and they left without any issues. After 15 minutes, we had an exp raider as chrono, a friend and also experienced as druid, a semi experienced DPS and two new DPS (fairly low AP, too). So we reached about a perfect comp for training: 5 never killed the bosses, 3 with speedclear and training experience and 2 can perform their role adequately. At first, we didn't even hit the DPS check for the orb phase (pre-event). I thought it was foreshadowing a bizarre occurrence ahead, but after we gave tips on a more bursty rotation, our new DPS adapted and we cleared the pre-event smoothly. To my surprise, the group has enough DPS to phase Xera without moving (which I honestly didn't expect from 5 new and non-optimal DPS). We wiped 2-3 times when people died to gliding and so not enough players to cover the mechanics. As soon as we smooth out the issues, we cleanly killed Xera without any struggle. In high spirit, we moved to Deimos training and some of the pugs decided to stay for fun. At this point, I admit it was my lucky night to have a friend PM me that she wanted to join and she could hand kite. Our druid friend had to go to bed and a Snow Crow member joined us through LFG. In the previous week, we had spent two and a half hours on Deimos to bring him down to 20%. Even though the basic mechanics have been covered (and ingrained), I had no expectation of a swift kill. Well, somehow we made it in the second try, in melee style, no less. In the hindsight, a combination of a confident HK, a flexible and well aware druid (thanks to my SC friend calmly rezzing the tank twice) and the group following the instructions to the tee really helps our progression. We didn't stop there and went on training CA and Largos. We killed CA without much troubles and had a lot of practice in for Largos. Even though I got lucky helps from pug and through my friend list, that was a successful training night. I'm glad that people have made their first kills for those more challenging bosses and gain confidence to seek out more groups. Tl;Dr: This is from NA, the land of pug desert and toxic casuals, in the deadiest hours in west coast. We managed to pull off some kills with a mixed experienced pug. We had such a good time that our impromptu training led to two more kills after the first.
  10. It's not wrong to ask for help if you can't handle the combat and navigation of HoT maps on your own. For the bacon hero point, you can ask a Chrono or an renegade to give you alacrity so you can eat the bacon to gain health more frequently. Objectively, the AI of mobs in HoT maps is one step above the rest in core maps. It may come as a shock to a new player but it does a good job prepare you for the annoyance coming with later maps.
  11. As far as my experience with NA LFG goes, Strike Missions are pretty chill. I do a strike tour every day. It takes between 30-45 minutes to finish everything except Forge Steel and people largely don't mind a couple of wipes to get everyone familiar with the mechanics which can be explained briefly in a couple of sentences. The DPS check is non-existent, it actually encourages casual players to play whatever they are comfortable with and cruise over the mechanics. It takes much less effort to host strikes than raids; more LFG filled up frequently, so I don't think strike will become like raids ever.
  12. I give you a tip: Make a Minstrel healbrand (Mercy runes fine for an immortal party) and have your party ploughing through all the trash mobs on your way straight to the end goal. Dungeon scaling has not been fixed since HoT, meaning mobs have very little HP and they don't hit hard enough to make a dent on a healbrand. If your party can survive the damage, you'll wipe clean the mobs in no time. So the only paths you should avoid for now are those with split mechanics and sync puzzles, unless your noobies can and are willing to pay attention.
  13. Casuals are indeed the largest player base of the game but they are not stagnant throughout 7 years the game is in operation. The casual players today do not take two days to have a world first on a open world boss. They are empowered by elite specs, by learning experience from raid training and simply by sharing information across many channels: discords, Reddit, guild chat. Casuals are not represented by a singular group that dislike group contents. They are simply players who spend less than 4 hours a day playing various contents out of habit. Easy access is the keyword. What they don't need is the ability to opt-out. They need a friendly invitation, an incentive hard to ignore and just slightly harder challenge to make an exciting game time. Then they can start incorporate Strike Mission into their daily rotation, much like Fractals. My guild is a casual guild of 500 and none has complained about having to do Strike Missions to finish Meta achievements. They are still slowly enjoying the story mode and still doing Strikes just for the company. So exactly what is the issue? Meta achievement hunters are not casual. You aim for total completion then you should prepare to do whatever it takes. I find your big words just conveniently project itself onto other players.
  14. I have a systematic method of completing Meta achievement with minimal backtracking everytime. Maybe that would help you as a fellow normie. Do story and check list all the story AP within each instance. They usually amount up to 10 ish singular Achievements.Do one-time scavenger hunts, puzzles, trials, collections while completing map marker quests in between story instances. You can do these tasks solo and that should clear up other 5-10In groups (which can be easily LFG), do the champion hunt, repeat certain event chain or repeat enough Meta event boss kills or daily gate stuffs for other 5-7.Check for all the easy hidden AP, 1-3.At this point, you have a few left to fill. You can decide between grinding out some very repetitive AP (kill hundreds of mob) or finish a weapon collection - the slow solo way, or somewhat challenging quests that require a group effort (SoS in guild chat or LFG) - the uncertain party way.Finally, those peskiest Jumping Puzzle AP or those story APs that requires a lengthy start over if you mess up a tiny bit. Them, yes, I leave them last for a random chance to get helped by professionals.
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