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Is Zojja going to come back? *Spoilers*

After the events of HoT we didn't see her again, she's alive but apparently never fully recovered and as also said by a few NPC it seems like she is also become mentally ill.

My question is, is she going to return anytime soon?
As asura player I got used to like her and enjoy her company even with her full ego mode I really want to see her again in the game.


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    Hopefully so! I would also like to see what is going on with her. I picked to save her first, so hopefully that helped a bit. Maybe in the next expansion, although that is not for a while. Unfortunately, a lot of plot points from HoT were left unresolved. I think that the story focuses too much on one race at the expense of the overall story. We should have been able to check in on Zojja at least briefly, even if they were generally focusing on humans following HoT.

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    I'm guessing Felicia Day is busy.


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  • It would be great to see both zojja and thackery. It may be more likely to see thackery first in lws4 as hes the new pact commander so some diplomacy or w/e might need to be held with the pact and dragon watch etc.

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    @Kodokuna Akuma.9570 said:
    It may be more likely to see thackery first in lws4 as hes the new pact commander

    Almost right.

    He's the new Pact Marshall.

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

  • @GDchiaScrub.3241 said:
    I'm guessing Felicia Day is busy.

    She's said that she'd love to be involved again. ANet's said they'd love to have her.

    Based on what that typically means when actors and studios say such things, I'd guess that (a) her schedule has yet to mesh well with ANet's and/or (b) they aren't able/willing to pay as much as she needs to charge. Probably the latter: successful actors can always choose to work for scale on labors of love, but I imagine Day can't afford to do that often, since she's still building her 'brand'.

    Or in other words: if it hasn't happened in the 2.5+ years since HoT, it's probably not going to happen for Expac #3 nor LS5 either.

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    I really do hope Zojja will make her return soon! She is a favorite among her fanbase! And Caithe too…. I wonder why she's not in Elona with the rest of us, now since Aurene is here aswell? :open_mouth:
    Even if Felicia Day is busy or are unable to continue to work with ANet as her character, Zojja, I am sure they will find another voice for Zojja herself. They have already changed voices to many famous characters in-game already. (PC Male Charr, Rox, etc.)

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