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High poly 3D printable character model

before this, i actually wrote a support ticket and was kindly forwarded to the forum.

As the title suggests, i am looking for a high poly model of one or more of my characters.
There's no official way to get it, so i've invested some time researching how this can be achieved, with the result that it simply can't be done from my end. Ripped models will be of unsatisfying quality and actually, i wasn't even able to track down any high res 3D prints at all. I think that has to do with the way they are rendered. Something using the textures to create and render details, don't know.
I'm sure i'm not the only one that would like to print their characters. But as much as i can tell the only way to get a quality model would be to ask the devs.

Can't really say that i'm in high hopes that this will go anywhere, but still wanted to give it a shot. :)



  • I've been looking into this exact thing, supposedly you can do it with 3d Ripper DX, and I found a tutorial for it: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/2z2nta/i_3d_printed_my_character_now_you_can_tootutorial/
    It is supposed to rip everything from your current scene exactly as you see it but I haven't tried it yet since I wanted to make sure it wasn't against the ToS.
    As long as it's not against the ToS I'll be trying to do this with Blender: a nice free 3d modeling program, but from the instructions I've looked at it takes a bit more work to get it fully imported (correct proportions and textures) to Blender from the 3d Ripper file, and may be able to provide a better guide afterward.

  • Okay, well I went ahead and tried it. If ripping is against the ToS I'll delete all files, please don't ban me :)
    It took a bit to get it to work so I'll list everything I did to finally get it to work.
    1. Download the 3d Ripper DX: http://www.deep-shadows.com/hax/3DRipperDX.htm
    2. Download your preferred 3d editor: I use Blender because it's free and works great: https://www.blender.org/
    3. You need Gw2.exe, not Gw2-64.exe, but this is easy to get because you can download the 32 bit version from GW2 website: which downloads as "Gw2Setup.exe" but this is the basic launcher file so you rename it to "Gw2.exe" and put it in the existing GW2 folder with "Gw2-64.exe"
    4. Launch 3D Ripper DX, in the first box find "Gw2.exe", under command line parameters add "-32", finally check the "Also capture to Wavefront .OBJ" option (unless you are using 3ds Max) then press "Launch" at the bottom. Also, Guild Wars 2 needs to be in Program Files (x86), 3d Ripper only works on 32 bit programs and just adding the -32 in normal program files didn't work for me
    5. Guild Wars 2 will launch, for me the graphics were very messed up at first so I had to change settings
    6. Get the scene you want and press whatever your capture key is: F12 by default (I used the character select screen since I just wanted the character but in game you could try to pose your character)
    7. Exit and load up your 3D modeling program
    8. Import the OBJ file, for me the scene was very squished on the Y axis. A simple Y scale can fix that: around times 3 seems close
    9. Delete the extra stuff (on the character select screen there is a bunch of particle data)
    10. The model is still made of multiple meshes and so will probably need to be merged to be 3D printed, also this is non-smoothed so you can see polys and non textured, I haven't messed with adding the textures yet though that is also supposed to be possible

    pic of 3D Ripper DX settings: https://imgur.com/a/ocBHRl2
    pic of a character from character select screen in Blender: https://imgur.com/gallery/PA5xzsu

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    Oh the poor girl, she did not deserve to end up in a blender. ;)

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    That is very helpful! thank you for sharing!

  • I tried to get this to work a while back I couldn’t get it to work so I gave up but every time this type of post comes up I alway say that Anet is missing out a great money making opportunity! I know they can extract the 3D data a lot easer then we can or at least creat a utility to do this, I would pay real world money for the 3D files to print my in game characters!

  • I did this but it was just all sorts of messed up. Does it still work? I just get black screens and shrinking vibrating windows.

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    This is great, I would pay to get my character as 3D figurine. I wonder if ANet could make this possible via request, fill a form with your account name and character you wish, your billing adress etc, using the same guys that made Rythlock for collector's edition since they worked together before, and have it shipped to you, of course all expense covered by the player. I guess its too much of a fuss just for a small nieche of players, but nonetheless would be awesome.

  • I'd also like to know if this works. I did as was stated and it just gave me a small spasmatic window in the top left.

  • Heya, any news to solve the spasmatic window please ? :(