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Sliding Walls In Alpine Garrison

schlake.2718schlake.2718 Member ✭✭

The inner walls in garrison around the lord room can go up and down. I assume that they would go up when the keep is under attack to keep the lord safe. But, I have never seen them go up in response to an attack. They just seem to sit there all the time, not going up and down. Is there any reason?


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    We had this discussion in another thread not long ago and again:

    Garrison isnt designed for WvW

    It has nothing to do with the lord. Inner garri is actually Shaemoor Garrison that's protecting Divinity Reach from centaur attacks and the lowered walls are there to "protect" catapults positioned on the walls, firing outwards. They dont move in PvE either afaik, its just visual details.

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  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭

    They do have animation to move though if anyone wasn't aware.

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  • schlake.2718schlake.2718 Member ✭✭

    I'd never noticed. My first toon was a human, and all the ones since have seen the intro area as more of a trap than a learning experience, so I don't look around much and just try to rush it so I can level to 80. Thanks!

  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The vid of Garrison walls dropping, just my graphics set to super low,

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  • They move sometimes when porting into the garrison using the waypoint. They even have a sound effect, some chain rattling.

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