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PvP queue is broken again...

Floppy.4936Floppy.4936 Member

Both ranked and unkraned PvP queue buttons have stopped working again, this has become quite a frequent occurrence lately and has already caused me to miss out on rewards. Now 6k xp away from lvl 100 it's dead again :/
Plz fix anet.


  • Vague Memory.2817Vague Memory.2817 Member ✭✭✭

    Yeah this has happened a few times this week...it's like they want us to stop playing PvP.

  • Psycoprophet.8107Psycoprophet.8107 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Prob back to working on new projects lmao

  • Yeah I am stuck with map results in the middle of my screen with everything I do. Apparently this has been a problem since 2017?


  • Ziggityzog.7389Ziggityzog.7389 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Must be working on upgrades they will talk about but never actually implement lol. About that swiss..

    Pvp is dead, ranked is a wintrade wars joke. The only place to actually enjoy pvp is in unranked. All the trash looking to cheat or afk plays ranked.

  • Largo Cifer.3495Largo Cifer.3495 Member ✭✭
    edited June 2, 2019

    They clearly want us to quit doing pvp so that they can delete the game mode completely lol. Its dumb to think that such a bug still exists in such an old game. Either its on purpose or the employees are dumb kittens who cannot even troubleshoot a bug.

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  • Bumping this again, it has been breaking every night since June 1st.

  • Leeches.7126Leeches.7126 Member ✭✭

    same bug as other people.

    Hey its the daily "ANET breaks PVP for 30 minutes 2 hrs" phase of the game, so i guess i'll go do something else.

    Nope, giant map results screen in the middle of my game. Unable to even dismiss it briefly.

    Fine then, i'll go do something else. Come bak OVER AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LATER and it is still there.

    Literally cannot play the game in any way that i need to see the middle of my screen. No dungeons, no fractals, no wvw, no leveling, no achievement hunting. All i can do is stand in town and play with menus.

    Great fun ANET.

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