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My game crashes at least once a day on brand new computer :(



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    @Popocatl.2649 said:
    Some1 is having this problem even worse, I mean like today....?

    Have been happening over the last 14 hours so yes people have problems with dcing.

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    not sure someone has said it allready and im having a bit of a time constraint to check replies but since you have a new computer i have a few advices that you definitely would be wise to check and could be the root cause of your problem:
    since your computer is completely new its a good idea to check the stability of your rig and the individual components by doing a stress test. there are several programs out there that does this (make sure your computer is properly cooled) but i can mention one that has been a staple for a long time.
    that program will stress test your computer (in particular your cpu and motherboard) and if your computer has either faulty components (yes, even new computers can be delivered with faulty components, especially memory sticks and motherboard components) this program will be able to reproduce the issue (crash).
    this way you will be able to tell whether its the actual game thats causing your crashes (since youre not even running it when testing) or if the problem is elsewhere.
    a stresstest is designed to put more load on your system than any individual program would ever do, like games.
    that is one tip.
    next tip would be to use a memory tester like memtest 86+ to go in depth and test your ram memory. faulty memory sticks can throw off the MOST weird errors imaginable, depending on where the issue within the ram memory is located itself.
    you wouldnt believe me if i told you just how many times i've had issues with a computer and it turns out it was the memory sticks all along. thankfully most sticks come with a very nice warranty, and most manufactures will replace free of charge because memory sticks is something that fail very often.
    memtest86+ will also show you potential issues that can come from not only the memory but also the cpu and/or various features related to it that might be turned on on your motherboards bios.
    a great little program.
    you need both of them though because one is more aimed to test the ram, and the other one is more aimed for an overall stresstest of your computer (cpu and motherhboard). explanations what the programs do are of course explained on their official websites.
    once you have both stresstested your rig with prime95 AND tested ur memory with memtest86+ and it shows no errors, in 99/100 cases you can say you have a stable rig and that the crashes does not originate from your own computer, but rather it has to be the gw 2 client. i've heard reports of issues with people running the client on Windows 10, as you are.
    it is a good idea to run these two programs even if youre not playing guild wars 2 of course.
    i run them anytime i change a setting related to overclock or other various settings. i also run them on a regular basis because as we all know, compontents degrade over time (especially if theyre exposed to higher temperatures).
    these programs will not test your ssd harddrive(s), and so you do not have to worry about your ssd losing blocks/writes.
    hopfully this will help you!
    ps. i wont link to the programs on here bc frankly im not sure linking is allowed but a quick google should give you what you need. ds

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