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I love my Asuran Reverent. looks like Calvin from the cartoon.

While the Rev can dish out punishment, switch between to great spirits, inst it lacks a real long rang weapon. The Staff really is not long range, the hammer does have the #1 skill that does a little long range, skills that allow you to fly around and do damage, but it need some type of weapon that can allow you to get away from danger when you are in trouble. PLEASE no rifle!


  • Bump........ The Reverent needs along range weapon. I know you eventually get a short bow but that not really a long range. I find him very powerfull and his ability to doge and heal is great. I just like to not have to be on top my enemy all the time. I use the Sword/Axe and the swap between the Hammer and staff. I am learning.
    Do they Anet consider the hammers #1 skill long rang? The staff seem to throw you into the NPC.... I have just started using it and am halfway through the Herald.

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    Hammer is all we have. If you are looking for something to hit while kinda running away / kiting ,then take shiros backroll and hammer^^

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    Dual swords Asuran Revenant reminds me of Yoda in Attack of the Clones..

  • Don't know, I am using standard models lest you guys don't get advantage like all other pesky midget races in other MMORPGs.

    On topic, revenant is having harder time getting out but there is a trick with Shiro if there are any neutral NPC or creatures around. Target them and use phase traversal, sword 5 can also help.
    Might as well try pew-pew longbow soulbeast with GS. 1.5k range, ridiculous damage and kitten ton of mobility sounds like exactly what you are looking for

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    How you gonna talk about fashion then not hit us with the picture!?
    Show & Tell !!! (please & thank you)

  • I wOULD but do not know how? Even usuing photobucet does not help

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    :'( ?????

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    does this work?