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  1. Been playing for last 3 days and haven't even noticed scepter was released. But hey, at least there is no upkeep now?
  2. Man do I love the selective reading skills of some assumptive people with too much plastic in their food. Sorry, I didn't ask for your OPINION, what I am interested in whether they have actual capabilities to code in Cele stats as exception. What does it have to do with amulets? But to answer that, I ran hybrid builds for around 4 years before PoF, cele was and is still kitten that works better on some classes than the others, with VERY low skill ceiling and spatial awareness requirements. But I get, it takes some time and a hefty amount of nerfs to your cheese to realize that ๐Ÿ™‚ I personally don't have an issue with Willie in my class, whether it's dragon, maradeur, or zerk. Annoying to deal with in small-scale fights, but perfectly killable. Once it puts cele trinkets on however, it becomes too much fo jack-of-all-trades with permanent boons uptime, damage, and survivability. I personally don't have an issue with Willie on my class, whether it's dragon, maradeur, or zerk. Annoying to deal with in small scale fights, but perfectly killable. More so than some other popular specs on WvW, that's for sure. Once it puts cele trinkets on, however, it becomes a menace with high boons uptime, damage, and survivability without any reason justifying that. I'd also like to say that I've not encountered that many WIllbenders for last couple of months in MUs, compared to say thieves, necros, and engis.
  3. Wondering if it is possible for anet to disable certain stats combo on wvw too? I honestly don't have any issues with Willbender, it is relatively squishy better version of Power Herald, but once it gets access to THAT stats combo it gets really frigging annoying. And it is not just Willbender problem.
  4. Annoyance is the first stage, then you will accept it and stop giving a kitten lol That change was just another example of their incompetence. It was barely ever used outside condi build and now I don't even know what's the point. But thanks for 5 animation buff I guess.
  5. That's true sadly. There are some specs that can counter it but that's true ever since they decreased damage across the board.
  6. "Skill issue of positioning" Am I a kittening ranger or a necro? The whole premise of what you just spat out implies you either play around that urn too much, stay out of the kittening way as much as you can and didn't even read what I said. I said I should probably use it more often so it IS useful sometimes, but it definitely is not worth it playing around it alone. And just saying, you can't really kill anything on this spec without the bad word, that being "committing". The spec is really about putting as much pressure as possible. You fail to do that you just don't bother and wait for window of opportunity. Conclusion, step out of your bubble and read what the others said before you project your condescending arrogance on the others.
  7. I am not. The animation is kinda slow and the moment my hp drops to 50% I am usually not having a good time, while being hard focused and CC'd. There are a lot of other better things you can do in most situations. I should probabably use it more often in some situations however, but the perspective of getting stuck with it while I am dazed or stunned is a bit too much. Maybe I could get away with it easier if I was a cele cuck too.
  8. Weeklies, I don't care much for dailies anymore to be honest. So maybe I spend like 6 hours a week on WvW. Before I took more lenient approach to the game I'd still see necros a lot more on wvw, than other clasess. They are just too good at spamming, stripping boons and killing people with one button I guess. Man, it has been really long time since I saw a frigging spellbreaker, but it makes sense since SPB isn't cheesy. Condi/cele zerks, sure, a couple of times and nearly as many willbenders. Other than that just a bunch of thieves, rangers and necros. The later in both solo and groups. Not sure since when it has turned from "too many necros" to "this guy has an issue with reapers" lmfao I don't have an issue with majority of cele/condi harbringers I encounter, but I surely don't like facing them in 2vs1. Literally one corrupt bomb is enough to end it. P.S Cele is yikes.
  9. No skill lag on EU. But I've noticed that there are always necros running around. Power, condi, cele. Any stat basically. In blobs, solo and small group there is literally close to no variety due to how bloated and universal this class has become. I've been logging every week to get done with dailies and I have yet to run into a single roaming guardian, warrior or a rev. Just a crap ton of necros with thieves here and there. Well why not just bring War's dome back then? All dome did is remove boons, while necros also turn them into conditions of all sorts and colours so kitten easily. Boon stripping/corrupt shouldn't be exclusive to necros alone, they aren't that arguably-free-kill tier class anymore. Even good positioning is no longer a requirement. UPD: Yes, there is no skill lag, your internet just sucks, deal with it.
  10. Of all kinds, always. Barely any variety remains on WvW these days. Time to address them like mesmers perhaps?
  11. Man that video is so satisfying to watch. You play a spec that is not fun to face and exists just to screw with people for cheap and now you are ranting on the forums because of a meme. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a9/84/7a/a9847a0580d6208d9037b47c03d2db7e.gif
  12. Of course xD Did you really believe their overlords would let this happen? Do you know how much players spend on this kitten?
  13. Downstate is kitten on some classes that are really strong without it to being with.
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