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Rule of the Skies bugged.

I attempted to do the different rifts with my skyscale, but sadly some of them seem bugged. For example the one starting at "Luminates Plant" does not have a rift at the end, making it impossible for me to get the achievement done. Does anyone know a go around to these bugs? I'd appreciate the help.. or a fix from anet! :D



  • Okay, I found a go around.. you just need to do the other rifts.. eventually u'll get one twice, so the missing one from earlier does not matter.

  • Galmac.4680Galmac.4680 Member ✭✭✭

    Take the rifts mentioned in the GW2-Wiki (and only they), after approaching the start orb, look at your buff bar if there's that counter indicator coming up. If not, wait a few meters away until the orb appears again (about 30 seconds).
    Just finished it today, only the start bugs sometimes, with the said workaround.

    Praise Joko!

  • Belquerst.9783Belquerst.9783 Member ✭✭
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    I'm stuck at Metrica Province Luminates Plant rift too.. Last "mote" just isn't there so it can't be completed :(

    EDIT: The next Rift you complete after this will count as two so it's ok. Still should be repaired tho..

  • pbandfluff.2968pbandfluff.2968 Member ✭✭
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    Typing this post-bugfix, but there's still some kind of wonkiness with this cheev.
    I had one of the rifts in LA (pre-bugfix, so when they were still counting for LS4 credit) bug out and refuse to give me credit for completion, even with retrying it multiple times, leaving me with 18/19 completed rifts for LS4. I figured it might be a similar situation to the Metrica rift where another rift on a different map might give me credit, so I left the LS4 set and moved on to Elona.
    Mid-Elona rift completion the update popped, so I updated the client and finished the Elona set. LS4 was still on 18/19 so I doubled back to Sandswept Isles, redid all those rifts, and nothing. Went back to LA on the off chance those rifts might still pop the last completion, redid those, and nothing.
    I haven't gone through all the other LS4 rifts again to see if one of those will pop the last credit I need, but something's still weird. I really don't want to have to back-trawl through 5 different maps on the off chance I can brute force the credit, but unless there's another update, I don't see any other option.

    Edit: Just went through the Sandswept rifts again; where previously they were giving me motes and magic and allowing me to finish the rift run (without awarding credit), now the rift at Anniogel waypoint will not generate the final rift to allow finishing the rift run. I imagine this is probably where the final credit for LS4 is being stymmied.