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Necromancer trait crashing the game?

Was trying to configure my necro build in the pvp lobby and the game has crashed over 5 times already. Seems to happen instantly when I hover over the Ritual of Life trait from Blood Magic. Anybody else experience this?



  • Hey, I just noticed that hovering over the Necro -> Blood Magic trait "Ritual of Life" causes the game to crash. For testing purposes I copy pasted the code from wiki and sent it to a friend and their game also crashed. Maybe something to look into as it could easily be misused to crash a full instance of a map to get friends in it. But I assume you might have more pressing issues at the moment. :) Good luck anyway!

  • After the new patch, me and numerous other players- friends, have been trying to change our builds, and at then moment we open the traits, game crushes. I cant play the game. :-1:

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    Yep. short text body :p

  • People are spamming this skill in chat during PVP and accidentally hovering over it crashes the game AND gives you the dishonor penalty upon finishing the match. Tested this on two other players and it crashes even in Party chat.

    Get this corrected in a hotfix please

  • Oh and suspend the players abusing this in pvp while you're at it

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    There are rumours in Divinity's Reach that hovering over the affected trait crashes the game client.

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  • Hey everyone, sorry about this issue. We've got a fix for this and are getting it out to you as soon as possible.

    ArenaNet Communications Team

  • I've been using the same build on my necro for as long as I can remember, and on the exact day I decide to try the blood magic trait this crash appears :open_mouth: Looks like i'm cursed, sorry people