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  1. The "participation on repair" might just be enough for pip farmers to keep in tier 3 (and not need to do any other WvW content), so that's targetting one behaviour with two changes. It might also have been found that pip farmers were enough to throw off the matching algorithm off as well (activity is not the same as engaging gameplay). All speculation as the calculations themselves haven't been described in full.
  2. You have to be careful of what a showstopper bug looks like. WvW down and inaccessible for all would fall into this category (complete loss of service), and would result in a call being placed to whomever is on the dev team live support schedule for that day/week. I've been in that position myself as the on call dev of last resort. Stats not accumulating into the correct skirmish (the Piken matchup is putting stats into #16 at the moment) and delivering participation rewards is, well, very unrewarding, but not in the showstopper category (no matter how outraged anyone might feel abou
  3. For anyone that has missed it there is a blog post from Grouch that will be released (currently going through the translation and release process), expected to be available early next week. My best psychic debugging guess is that there is a lot of (old) special code that protects WvW instances from duplication, and something in the beta tripped that up. We did get a matchup, but with enough issues present then the focus would not be on the quality of the matchup (which is where Anet are looking for, and do need, our feedback).
  4. This is a gentle nudge and followup on the promise of a post-mortem update on what happened in the last WvW beta. Having worked in IT across most parts of software delivery I know internal pressures can and do take priority sometimes. So I'm not trying to be *that* guy. The last update we had stated an understanding of what had happened within the development teams, and am sure that steps have been taken to move that forward. Hopefully there's some indication on when the next beta might take place as well, but wouldn't want anything to be held back just for that. Thanks for list
  5. The Hero Achievements panel doesn't clearly separate infinitely repeatable achievements from those that only need to be done once. The Halloween Rituals in the current festival are are a good example of how these are harder to spot (there are a lot of repeatables mixed in), but this is also found in the Story Journal (e.g. No Quarter) The following suggestions are intended to sort the achievements and introduce some visual clues without having to open up the achievement to check. Add a marker to the achievement to show it is infinitely repeatable: Replace the tracking "eye" w
  6. This. There is a good practice in software development to try and change the smallest nunber of things at once, in order to manage the risk of introducing issues. Trying to update the WvW dialog box in entirety to participate in the beta would risk it breaking for the normal non-beta scenarios, which is not a good place to be. So I can see that this was very carefully scoped to minimize impact on WvW. That might sound like a funny thing to say with 3 betas going on at the same time, but the application architecture supports a very clean separation of the concerns (new classes and UI
  7. Many thanks for this. I did get it to load the DXVK d3d9.dll , firstly by having a clean bin64 folder (no other mods), and then renaming the dxvk d3d9.dll as a direct replacement to d912pxy.dll. This makes sense: dxvk is not aware of the gw2 mod ecosystem and so it should be the last one in the rendering chain). With DXVK_HUD=1 in system environment variables then I could see Vulcan hud info from DXVK, but then the dxgi.dll loaded came from the Windows system folder (it wasn't the one dropped into the bin64 folder of GW2). This didn't seem to matter for DX9 however (see this reddit p
  8. With even greater respect (yes, I'm British as well), dxvk hasn't really been raised to the same level of visibility as d912pxy within the GW2 community. Primarily described as a Linux/Wine add-on is enough to pass it over (yes, on research I can see it can be used with Windows). Once you factor in the integration between add-ons (arcdps, GW2Radial etc.) then it is understandable that a library created within the community and supported specifically for GW2 has gained traction. Now that I'm aware of dxvk I'll take a look. Any tips on how to integrate it as part of 64-bit GW2 on Windows 10
  9. The author of dx912pxy has publicly announced that development of the mod will cease (no longer supported). https://www.patreon.com/posts/journey-end-for-55473062 It has done a marvellous job of bridging the gap, considering the constraints of dx9, and showing that the upgrade from dx9 is needed. Of greater interest is the future development of other permitted mods that hook into dx9 to deliver their functionality.
  10. That's pretty much what I did as well (though I will try again the next time I get into that event chain). Given the number of threads in this forum about achi not progressing in Istan then it remains possible there is something else going on... hence the report.
  11. Just completed the Palawadan raid event chain in Domain of Istan where 3 Corsair ships can be destroyed. Manged to get damage onto two, but received no credit in the achievement and still at 0/3 ships. In-game support ticket submitted under "General PvE" and "Dynamic events". Note: am also not receiving credit for Istani Bounty hunting in the Daybreak achi (not the recent "Return to Daybreak") - this may bre related.
  12. Have also been experiencing this bug while trying to complete the "Istani Bounty Hunter" achievement. Currently stuck at 1/5. Have reported each failure through the bug report system. The Return to Daybreak bounty achievement has been completed at 5/5, so that seems to be accepting credit without issue.
  13. Confirming that this has not been fixed in the Sylvari home instance after yesterday's patch (28/5)
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