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  1. When you take a test in school, you get a score. This score informs you of your performance. It is desirable to know your performance. People that actually give a hoot about GW2 use arc to quantify if they're getting better, worst, or staying the same. Arc also gives exceptionally informative and valuable logs of you and your entire squad in WvW. Also, you aren't following the thread because this has nothing to do with arc crashes so we really appreciate your insight of something you don't use and isn't related to topic.
  2. Forcing dx9 through the command line argument method seems to be the fix for me... I tested both dx9 and dx11 on reset and never crashed with dx9. Been using it since reset with no crashes which is unheard of for the last month or two. It is worst FPS but its better than crashing. Doing a -repair, reinstalling, and other troubleshooting did nothing.
  3. My comparison is fair and rules out things such as PC stability issues. I just crashed again in an SMC fight within 5 minutes. I have roughtly 75 crash files. believe the error message said "get rekd" and it was signed by the spaghett munster
  4. I crash on just about any 3-way large scale engagement. Profession or skill use is not relevant, because I can crash while not in combat and standing still. Won't last more than 15 minutes without a crash in WvW on reset. I made it to 6 crashes before giving up, a buddy made it to 12 I believe, it effects many people in the Discord. I crash at the same rate with or without arcdps (my only add-on) so I don't want to hear about crashing from add-ons, its not related to this issue. Windows 11 and all drivers are always up to date. After a year of suffering with the opening TP crash, that crash is fixed THANKFULLY and not related to current crashes. This only happens on GW2. All other apps/games do not crash or have instability.
  5. I just had 4200 ping on EBG, had horrible ping earlier today too. I never crashed, just unplayable ping. 83 ping is my usual ping. I suspect GW2 isn't the issue here because web pages and Battlefield 1 were both effected by intense lag today.
  6. The unplayablility of a zerg vs zerg let alone a zerg vs zerg vs zerg fight is astoundingly heinous. We really can't allow this unresponsive lagfiesta psuedo-gameplay to continue years into the future in its current state. Just do something about it already, anything really. The WvW community will PAY MONEY to fix this issue. More people will play WvW if it was playable to begin with.
  7. Reporting in that its fixed for me. Thank you all that were involved in fixing such a horrid issue.
  8. Everyone would hide pants just for the meme. We have more serious things to worry about, like instant game crash when clicking hero tab, or lag in wvw.
  9. other: For the most part I DO care about score because it dictates who we fight. If you've been playing WvW for a long time then you know people across numerous servers and therefore you can throw throw the match or try hard and cap everything and determine what server/guilds you fight on next match up. You also get more pips for being top score of the 3
  10. 12 hours later not even a single word let alone a patch from Arenanet on such a insane and game breaking bug. This looks real bad no mater how you look at it.
  11. yepp reproducable 100% of the time, any toon, any location. Click hero panel to adjust traits is instant crash.
  12. I have the same major issue. All toons crash 100% of the time by just clicking build tab in hero panel. I'm just not going to play in the mean time because it is literally game breaking instant crash.
  13. I'm here to report my experience of a major IMPROVEMENT in lag over the last couple days. 3 way fights are locked above 25 FPS FPS and no skill lag when we clash. I hear a massive amount of people and commanders talking about lag in comms, I'm not seeing it at all. WvW had extra lag at time of original post, but I'm just saying it is a night and day difference now and 3 way fights are easily playable. I think its has to do with regional internet or people blowing off the fact they own a poopy outdated PC. For the record I'm located in US South West on a Ryzen 3600 and Rx580 and WiFi.
  14. But GW2 just wouldn't be same without a slide show lag fest, you know you would probably miss it. It touches EVERY SINGLE SOUL to ever play GW2 because it hasn't been fixed to this day. The slide show lag fest instantaneously detracts from the experience in its own monumental way. Imagine the headlines now, "Guild Wars 2 is better optimized" for modern PCs that were build in the last 10 years and with modern servers. Yeah no one wants that.
  15. Please O' Please add all music/soundtracks possible to Apple music. Many Soundtracks from the franchise are missing. I'm very pleased with the Apple Music for months now, except its missing tons of music from GW2 and Guild Wars. They released the official web browser for Apple Music just yesterday and it in general the platform CLEARLY has a future, so please do anything you can do to get those GW1 and GW2 soundtracks to Apple Music. I know it's on Tidal, Tidal is jaw dropping but it's out of my budget.
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