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  1. As far as we know it seems to be more akin to a kit swap, which is probably why the CDs will initially be fairly long, but OP does *technically* have a point. Swapping to it, like engi kits, will still proc weapon swap effects but yes it is a concern if you end up getting stuck with the wrong weapon set out. You may end up with what is, essentially, double greatsword and you'll have very limited defensive options. The bright side, I guess, to this is that Discipline isn't 100% required because you don't have weapon swap in combat anyway. The weapon swap traits and sigils that Warriors wil
  2. I don't. Note that I say "I'm still skeptical of many things to do with the Bladesworn" but we don't know what will happen for sure until it happens. You think I have faith in ANet after I quit the game after having stuck with it for 15~ years? I was convinced before the teaser video that Warrior was going to get a support oriented elite spec with this because making it an actual gunblade-type of offensive class is too low of a hanging fruit for them despite it looking like exactly that in the teaser silhouette.
  3. Fueki I'm sorry but right now with the state Warrior is in with its DPS specs in any competitive PvP content...it does not need a support elite spec. I know Banners are not fun and Banners as a mechanic is just unimaginative and boring but thats more on the fact that they should probably rework banners more than they have and actually change the effects and bonuses banners apply while active; think how Scrapper Gyros were reworked and just attach the banners to our kitten characters finally but also add in some actual pulsing AoE boons to pair alongside their current effects. I'm still sk
  4. Guilds make up the bulk of server population imbalances. Why do you think any time the "bandwagon" server has changed it has been because of guilds migrating to it? Also it is much easier to balance guilds with a matchmaking system to be against one another based on their performance during any given matchup than it is to balance servers where guilds are stuck there unless they pay money to transfer or need to somehow carry the rest of the server up through the currently not great WvW tier system. You mention toxicity but thats...already a thing, it will always be a thing, guild poli
  5. Wow you really necro quoted my post there. Look if people are still adamant on enjoying GW2 because it suits their tastes that is fine, I won't decry that, but we can't pretend it doesn't have its issues that holds it back from doing better or issues that absolutely end with people becoming dissatisfied with the way the game is and how it has been handled for years. With that said, we'll still see how things are going forward. Also I think "more of the same" will only hold up for so long especially if that "more of the same" isn't exactly fun for people, even WoW has fa
  6. I understand how conversation works just fine, I'm just telling you that you're assessment is incorrect because the same can be said about literally any Specialization when it is by itself. You can't ignore the other 2/3 of the class. I was disagreeing with you on that basis because you, or whoever else as well, were ignoring literally the other 66% of what makes up a class.
  7. ... "but that wasn't the point" is also not relevant to the overall point being made. Literally any one Specialization traitline, solo, in a vacuum are all crap or "meh". The entire point is how strong Willbender is likely going to be due in large part to how it is going to interact with the other Core Guardian Specialization lines. I'd say a big benefit to running WB is going to be its virtue interaction with Guardian traits as a whole, especially the CD reduction trait, the slight increase in Concentration for longer boon durations (which can be paired with Durability or Fir
  8. I don't think you're looking at the larger picture which is taking into account Guardian's other specialization lines. Radiance/Virtues/Willbender with Radiance 2/3/3, Virtues 2/1/3 and Willbender 1/1/2 Using Sword/Sword with Mace/Shield or Greatsword. Mace/Shield for added sustain, greatsword if you're just going ham on people and additional Resolution uptime. Thats a traited Virtue of Justice CD of 10 1/4 seconds, 17 second Virtue of Resolve, 25 1/2 second Virtue of Courage. Each of which proc Justice is Blind (Light Aura + AoE Blind), which also procs Inspired V
  9. Bad synergy? I'll admit the Grandmaster traits are a little hit or miss but pairing Willbender with Zeal and Virtues is going to give it more utility and synergy than you might be aware of. Virtues by itself is going to reduce Virtue cooldowns, give Resolution when activating a Virtue, increase damage after activating a Virtue as well as provide an additional stunbreak with Stability for Courage which on Willbender is a 600 range teleport that already provides stability when attacks from it hit. But naw..."lackluster." Its literally already a better Warrior than the current Warrior
  10. Fully in agreement with you on these things, but to be fair they did state in this blog post that they are approaching things differently going forward. They acknowledged that they haven't handled it well up to this point. Them at least saying they are going to do it differently was, I think, the entire point of the blog post. Now we will have to wait and see if their statements hold true, that things will change going into the future, but as of right now at least they acknowledged their mistakes in the past with this blog post. At minimum that is a first step. Also at
  11. Because Reddit has a reputation for being objective and rational? Yes its brighter, but thats not a bad thing. You and I guess a few other individuals don't like it. Not a big deal. You'll get over it.
  12. I think you remember Shing Jea Island much different than it actually was... https://wiki.guildwars.com/images/5/5a/Shing_Jea_Island.jpg
  13. This post was indeed rather surprising. Also much needed communication from them, hopefully that keeps up in the future. Kudos for the blog post, lets just see if these things they talk about are upheld.
  14. Yes and I was reiterating on that. Yes, but that is concept art. Note *Concept* and *art*. There still has been nothing shown of what the expansion actually has in it, which is what I was referencing when saying *contents*. Look I realize I'm historically critical towards things GW2 and ANet related, but have we really gotten to the point where the "ever optimistic" are going to consider concept art as a part of a games actual playable content *just* so they can be contrary? Granted I guess it makes sense...ANet does *seem* to consider gem store cosmetic relea
  15. Well no they still aren't entirely correct. There still has been nothing shown about the contents of the expansion between the time of its announcement and now. There will be more shown on the 27th of July, but as of this moment there is still essentially zero information on the expansion other than its name and the location its in.
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