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  1. There are a lot of routes they can take to just update Warrior to be more in line with modern GW2; Gain boons/benefits for each bar of adrenaline gained, these can be affected by traits by expanding what boons are provided or even extending the boons to be applied to nearby allies. Bursts always available, adrenaline levels increase their damage and add additional effects as it does now. Adrenaline gain is more abundant and faster, crits give additional adrenaline and it decays much slower and decay starts much later, gaining adrenaline when hit is now also a default function of the class. Maybe add traits that provide benefits for how much adrenaline is spent in place of those that provide additional adrenaline, or simply retooling them. Significant weapon reworks to compensate for Adrenaline's currently wildly outdated state. Greatsword, Mace, Axe, Rifle, Shield, all big contenders here. Maybe remove and replace traits like Shield Master and simply make that a part of Shield Stance to make room for more interesting and useful traits. Of course not all of these would be applied together, nor would that be wise, but honestly any one of them would be welcome at this point, however it is a matter of priority. ANet undoubtedly does not see much urgency for doing anything like this to Warrior for some reason, even though it is the 4th most played class in terms of actual hours of play time, and 5th in how many players actually have a Warrior. Which leads me to believe its highly likely there just is not someone on the team who has that deep of an understanding of Warrior and its issues, the team likely relying tragically heavily on the metrics they pull from the game thus leading them to brush off feedback given here about the class. Not that every change every other class gets makes a whole ton of sense in many of these balance patches either, but they at least get some stuff that actually improves things or changes the class up, or makes it more enjoyable. Meanwhile Warrior gets basically nothing and what is given doesn't even slightly blemish the surface of the issues it has that is keeping it stagnant, unfun, and so behind other classes in competitive modes.
  2. Yes, I absolutely get that they are built around those things. That is entirely on ANet for leaning into it as the core of the class and thats why it has perpetuated it and only gotten more and more prevalent over time. A few Thief mains I have spoken to have agreed that it is kind of annoying that the stealth spam evade spam are basically just the meta for the class at the moment and it just isn't fun because there is really no variety outside of it and its annoyingly oppressive to other players. That is also why so many thieves likely love it because it allows them to delete the vast majority of players pretty easily. Like Willbender. Like Harbinger. Like Soulbeast. Etc, etc. Not that there is no learning curve to Thief, just like there certainly is one for Willbender and others, but in the same vein neither of them are that difficult to get into and once you get the basics down you'll be able to do exactly what someone sees Thieves do. This is why Warrior has problems. It also has a learning curve, theoretically it isn't that steep because the class isn't all that complicated, however the prevailing issue is that it is outdated and doesn't keep up with other classes in terms of access to certain things that have become essentially mandatory in PvP combat. People got annoyed at Staff Warriors just because there was some Aegis, a bit of Might and Fury, and some healing tacked onto it and it got labeled as egregiously oppressive, it wasn't even doing a ton of crazy damage it just wasn't dying as fast as people had become accustomed to. In an era of 2 to 3 button clicks = dead Warrior just doesn't do that. At least not to any player even remotely average or above average. If someone is getting instant burst by a Warrior these days they 100% let that happen because it is pretty easy to just not let it happen, or that Warrior is just a cracked out player and has spent an ungodly amount of hours on the class. Those are very few, though and I think even some of those players have either just stopped playing or swapped to other classes at this point because its just not that fun on Warrior right now.
  3. Now see if you ask Thieves they apparently have it way harder in the game because they are so squishy, and get two shot so easily so that is why they need all of those evades, blinds and all of that stealth. Nevermind the fact that everything is easily capable of being two shot these days anyway so why that is a justification for it I don't know, also at this point Axe Thief is basically just Willbender with Stealth which is a terrifying concept.
  4. The older the game has gotten, and the more things that have been added, I think it has just continually exacerbated the issues with Warrior's profession mechanic not standing the test of time like those of other classes. It just doesn't fit in with how things have developed over the years with game balance and mechanics that have been introduced. At the end of the day the Adrenaline mechanic just takes too much time to build, does not maintain between fights, and does not pay off well enough compared to the vast majority of classes simply being able to press 2 to 3 buttons and do what Warrior needs 10+ actions to accomplish and even then it still doesn't measure up well enough.
  5. I think this pretty well illustrates how Warrior is not necessarily acknowledged, undoubtedly because ANet doesn't have anyone who mains it on the balance/design team. Warriors ask for all of these changes, additions, reworks, just something or anything to iterate on the horrifically outdated design philosophies applied to the class, and what happens? Other classes get these designs and changes. Warrior then routinely continues to be forced into this position where its unfortunately outdated profession mechanic is genuinely holding it back from ANet doing any substantial changes to it. Seriously. The complete design inconsistency of having an Elite skill in the game for 9 years that stuns but also self stuns on one class and then they implement a weapon skill on another class that stuns for half a second longer, applies Protection to self and in an AoE, is a blast finisher, is on a shorter cooldown, can reset its own cooldown, and heals pet (as you pointed out in your post). Its obnoxious. Its much like how Warriors, for 11 years, asked for fixes to Rush and its consistency and just an overall remedy to its jank and all the while they added other dash skills to other classes that functioned 100% better and Rush, even with their adjustments to it recently, is still...crap. It is going beyond any matter of "skill issue" or learning curve or anything like that. Warrior, in its current state, is just not well handled and old. Its 2012 design does not hold up. Changes need to happen to its Profession mechanic/design for any significant dent to be made to these longstanding issues. However that boils down to whether or not ANet finds it priority enough to devote the time and resources required to even begin to start doing it. There is also the concern of the how because I think every Warrior remembers how gloriously they scuffed the Banner rework upon initial implementation. I still find it absolutely hilarious how it only took them a month and some change (from June 28th to August 2nd) to roll out another rework to fix the botch job they did on that and it was actually decent. It kind of felt like they put maybe a weeks worth of work into the initial rework, like as a footnote project because no one cared enough and then the backlash from that forced them to actually have to do the work on it. Or, in the worst case scenario, they didn't finish making changes to it and decided to roll it out in an intentionally unfinished state just so they could say they did something in the Balance patch just to get another month of work to put on it. However I don't think the latter is the case. How does that saying go? "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence" and I don't even mean that literally, I just think there is a lack of understanding of the class in their own team because...its such a simple class concept, not really all that flashy, very straightforward and so it just isn't the most interesting thing to play for most people despite how genuinely cool the Warrior archetype can be.
  6. Naw, this is probably what we will get; "A set of spear skills that features a reimagining of a mechanic seen in the original Guild Wars." Because this is either them "reimagining" the old GW1 adrenaline mechanic on skills or the Assassin's combo skills (Lead Attack, Off Hand Attack, Dual Attack). and it will unfortunately be clunky and annoying either way.
  7. On that last part it was not so much disagreeing with that, it was more that Full Counter functioning as it did before they changed it made it such an outlier that it was the thing creating the problems with Spellbreaker sustain all those years ago. Yet they nerfed everything else on Warrior thereby crippling other builds whereas they needed to simply change FC working that way. Its the same with Longbow Burst triggering those traits simply from the AoE field impact. They are outliers from the norm with how they had every other burst skill work that created the problems that ANet tried to "resolve" by crippling and gutting other traits, skills and weapons. The over arching issues with Warrior are an entirely different discussion altogether and it boils down to the entirety of the profession mechanic being based on a highly outdated philosophy as well as this mechanic leading to Warrior being the most back loaded damage in the game which creates problems when every other class is front loaded. Meaning every other class can open a fight with big hits, Warrior physically cannot due to Adrenaline.
  8. Again it is ANets communication that creates these issues. It really hasn't been there and we really do not see them acknowledge that they are aware of community perception or long standing issues. They instead make off the cuff joke comments about these things and yet we see nothing said about them outside of that until it either gets a change that basically does nothing or they crater a build/trait/skill in a balance patch with a change no one asked for. Rush got "fixed" after 11 years...took them 6 years to address Full Counter needing to stop triggering traits from simply being activated instead of hitting as well as Mirage Cloak working while CC'd and then reverting the single dodge they had. ANet does weird things. I do not understand their process or thinking.
  9. I assure you...yes those classes do it well within the same time frame. I encounter it all the time both on my Willbender and my Warrior. It is not impossible to stop the chain, I know because my chain has been stopped and I have stopped the chain against other Willbenders, even when not on my Willbender. Also yes, it was less experienced players because you can pick them out of the pack quite easily. They are the ones dumping both dodges immediately, using all defensives immediately, not timing or using mobility properly. I've run into plenty of players that know well enough how to shut down Willbender or how to fight well against it, as well as many other classes. It genuinely is not impossible. Though I get it, both being on the receiving and giving end of the Willbender spike stick, it can be panic inducing when it just appears on you. Don't panic when it happens, think about how you need to react.
  10. I'm fairly newer to Willbender and yes it is indeed strong, kind of annoyingly strong if I'm being honest, but it is not without its counters and it is not invincible. It is comparably overbearing compared to other builds, less meta builds, and yeah it will tend to run over less experienced players who don't know what animations to watch out for or those who tend to dump their defensives too early. But for starters, most Willbenders likely aren't running the Alacrity trait to begin with when they can put out more damage with Tyrant's Momentum or get 6 seconds of 20% damage reduction against strike and condi to make them a bit less squishy. Secondly, this is kind of just...what the game has turned into now, unfortunately. Willbender isn't alone in doing this stuff; Mesmers, Thieves, Rangers, Revenants, Necromancers (Harbingers mostly), Elementalists, they are all doing similar degrees of burst damage in WvW. Willbender is just most frequently seen because honestly its kind of the easier of those to get into and I'm speaking from my own experience. Didn't take me too long playing it the first week I started it to start to get it down and absolutely explode most less experienced players, I am also using Hammer instead of Greatsword as well.
  11. Just to avoid this delving anywhere further off-topic, I'll just shift away from the "p2w" subject. Yes WoW has the WoW Token, its used for any number of things. We'll leave it at that. I will also spoiler this next chunk of text because this is getting to be a lot. Anyway, point being, I don't consider it to be an issue of dev hours, it is again I believe an issue of priority and where they set their focus. As of 2023, their last reported number of employees is 322, which is over double what they fell to after the layoffs a few years back. We also have direct examples of them just very clearly having issues with understanding the gameplay, how the Warrior Banner Rework in its initial implementation happened...at all bewilders me still. Genuinely don't know how anyone who was actually playing Warrior, or even just the game, thought those were good changes to put through. I just don't think they have their focus in the right places and they don't stick with the philosophies they outline as their supposed approach to balance, not only does it visibly show but we have examples of this being their issue in the past. Trade offs, power budget. They don't stick to them. I understand things change with this stuff, but they don't communicate that maybe they have shifted how they want to approach things, they aren't clear, and things sit in very frustrating states for very long periods of time.
  12. I'm not sure on the dev hours point. Microtransactions (mtx) generate a lot of money, more than people may sometimes realize. If you are aware of this creator, Pirate Software, they used to work with Blizzard and they said that Celestial Horse mount, the very first store mount they offered, by itself made more money than Starcraft 2 did. Which is unfortunate, but it illustrates just how much mtx can generate, and GW2 has mtx, but the issue this game runs into is keeping people around. They see bulk increases in population like any other game surrounding releases, particularly expansion releases, but the falloff does seem to happen sooner than others which means that is less people sticking around and bothering to buy gems and use the gem store. Yes, converting gold to gems is a thing, but truthfully more often than not people are just going to opt to swipe their card rather than spend a week grinding out any number of things for the gold they would need for 800 gems, or more, for things like cosmetics or even just things like bag slot expansions, shared inventory slots, bank tabs, material storage increases, etc. You can actually see this over time as to how ANet doesn't seem to necessarily manage their development all that well. Like their priorities seem to be off, like the few times now where people have visibly noticed a sort of decline in quality of updates and focus on GW2 back around the times when ANet was known to be trying to get other projects off the ground only for them to go nowhere and then layoffs or reallocation of talent happens. This is how we got things like The Icebrood Saga...and the complete and utter actual waste of money that little "event" they held surrounding it where they bought some hall, hired a host, etc. Balance really doesn't feel much different to where it just seems like their priorities are not there or are just off, they have repeatedly had "this is our philosophy" posts and they basically didn't stick with any of them. The whole "trade offs" thing being the biggest offender of this habit, which I think some classes really still have not fully recovered from. This kind of feels like another instance of that with this whole "power budget" philosophy they spoke about, as well as the "balance philosophy" post they made a good while ago that I mentioned before where the changes they are making seem to effectively contradict one section where they speak about counterplay. Point being, I don't think its about the hours being put in, I think it is about where the focus is being applied and how they communicate with the playerbase, both things they are historically not great with. The priority of any given thing they are looking to work on. Now per a recent post of theirs they have seemingly been working on a lot of backend stuff and making improvements and changes due to the game now being fully on DX11. Would have been nice if they communicated "Hey, going forward for the time being we will be working on bringing new content to the game, but a large focus for much of our team will be to improve and iterate on a lot of backend systems now that we can work with DX11". Blizzard has issues, oh boy does it have issues, but I can at least personally appreciate the consistency and frequency with which they will actually look for feedback and then actually implement at least some of it. People can hate on DF for whichever reasons they want and it certainly isn't perfect, regardless of any of that they needed it as a "stepping stone" expansion with the changes and additions it brought. ANet is at least doing that with some QoL things, which are a long time coming and are looking for feedback on what next they could implement, good move, but they really need to get more on point with getting feedback and actually listening to the community.
  13. Color-blind Accessibility Options Just general options made available, but particularly options made available for WvW as the team colors directly make issue with one of the most common types of color blindness; red-green colorblindness. Changing contrast of the game, or of the monitor, is not the solution to this. It will make everything else in the game look worse, that is not a real solution to something that this game should have had 6+ years ago. I have played a good number of games that do offer feasible, actual solutions either through options directly relating to selecting a colorblindness type (deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia) and it changes the colors of important aspects of game visuals. For instance, Horizon Forbidden West will specifically change important gameplay indicators and only those indicators to be different colors than normal, as well as very specific environment details such as the tall grass where your character can hide. Another solution is one where you just allow the user to select the colors that are most comfortable for them to use. Planetside 2 does this, where it allows the player to select colors for each of the three factions in the game and how their highlights, territories, markers, etc are all colored. In WvW in particular I know this may create an issue with how callouts would work in the team/map chats. Such as "10+ red heading to X objective" and if someone has a different color selected for this then it would be confusing. Players would need to get used to calling things out differently, such as abbreviations for server/team names probably becoming more common. I think its worth risking this shakeup to that status quo as it is just a helpful QoL feature to those that have to deal with this. It is annoying needing to physically mouse over an objective to see who owns it if you are like myself and cannot distinguish between red and green, and I have lost count of the amount of times I would accidentally try to glide in one of the borderlands only to realize my team does not own that particular area. For another aspect of this, I would extend this into enemy combo field/AoE field indicators as they can get pretty difficult to spot or differentiate from others in areas with grass, or just from other certain elemental combo field effects that an ally may have placed down. I'm aware this would probably require the creation of a number of visual effects to select from or just ones that would be applied depending on how this sort of feature were implemented.
  14. You are absolutely not incorrect in this assessment with WoW balance. WoW does have phases where something it just so obscene it overrides everything else in the game, as well as the fact that RMP is still an egregiously oppressive comp in 3s and this has essentially never changed ever since it first appeared. The difference being, I would argue, is that RMP is the only consistent thing that overbears whereas everything else will essentially "have its time in the sun", so to speak. One season it may be boomkin brainless gameplay, another it may be Mage blowing everyone up, or Demon Hunter just out DPSing and out surviving everything else. Same thing goes for M+. GW2 doesn't have these "seasons" necessarily, if something is overbearingly oppressive it basically stays that way until the next expansion with a new Elite Spec showing up, or ANet takes an actual cannon to something and craters the whole thing and it again stays that way...for a long time. I'll take a 3 to 4 month cadence of balance at least making some notion of a physical shift over the silliness that confounds me that ANet does. No MMORPG has perfect balance, never will, but no other studio confuses me more with their approach to balance changes like ANet does. Note, it took them 6 years to address a repeated point of feedback about both Spellbreaker and Mirage that would rein in some things that were oppressive about them both (FC activating burst traits simply from being triggered and not actually hitting and Mirage Cloak needing to not be allowed to be used while CC'd) whereas ANet did anything but that in the interim which gutted both classes fairly extensively (Mirage single dodge being the biggest offender). Also note that in their balance philosophy post a while back they point out wanting to emphasize "counterplay" and yet the rise of the boonball due to their removal of boon strip/corrupt is a direct contradiction of that philosophy. ANet confuses me.
  15. It would depend on the frequency of the boon strips/corrupts. I understand Boons in this game are a huge part of the gameplay and how classes even do the things they do, but there is practically no counterplay to them. It used to be boon strips/corrupts, but everything that does that in terms of area denial (such as Winds of Disenchantment) have all been so heavily nerfed to the ground that boonballing has just become even more exacerbated. If anything they would need to tool things like WoD and other effects to function as "denial", so for instance if WoD were buffed back up to a state where it was actually threatening to stand in, that could function as area denial for boonballing. The opposing zerg either getting severely punished for standing in it or needing to move out of or avoid it entirely. Even with Scourge present, among other classes with similar boon strip/corrupt, the gameplay is just unga bunga into the other group, throwing out damage...as much as zerg players may not want to admit that, that is what it is, especially in the case of boonballing. The only other way I could think of counteracting this is expanding the "Disenchantment" effect that WoD does into other aspects of classes, for some actual denial of boons. The game needs something to function as counterplay and at this point it isn't boon strip/corrupt with how ANet has gutted it.
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