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  1. You are right, it was the right thing for them to do. I also didn't know they were making us do strikes for Jadebot upgrades. Bl@@dy H@ll
  2. The bottom line is; No one is wrong simply because someone else says; 'If you weren't so lacking in some way, (stupid, illogical, greedy, weak, lazy, etc) , then you would have, or could get, what I have or can get. What Is a Logical Fallacy? A formal fallacy is an argument with a premise and conclusion that doesn't hold up to scrutiny. An informal fallacy is an error in the form, content, or context of the argument. I don't debate, but as far as I can see, there's a lot of this sh*te going on around here.
  3. Did I misspeak ? Let me rephrase; Getting the turtle was a Main selling point of the xpac. Not being able to get it, is like ordering, and paying for, a seafood salad, and getting no seafood.
  4. You have no way of knowing if they could have or could not have done the strike, as you are not them. However that is beside the point I made. And trying to shame people for commenting on their in-game problems, in a place meant for doing so, is also not helpful.
  5. In. Your. Opinion. As long as you don't shame others for a different opinion, then your opinion is not the reason for all the anger.
  6. Getting the beetle was not this bad, and if you have the beetle, you know that. No one asked for everything, just those things that Sold them on buying the xpac.
  7. This is not a job or a school, we don't need leniency, we need transparency before we purchase.
  8. The turtle was a big selling point for EoD. Many people here ended up not being able to get the turtle, by doing the meta and the strike. People are now understandably angry. Some people who want to sell runs are nicer than some of the 'helpful commenters' here. This is not a 'job', we paid to be here, so yes, anyone has the 'right' to complain. It's pretty simple. ( My comment is only about the people trying to shame and troll others)
  9. To the people saying the strike mission for the turtle achieve is not hard; Really ? So you're saying only what's hard for you matters, but what's hard for others doesn't matter ? The other players are not, lazy, stupid, entitled, or not geared right, just because you don't like their style or pov. And just in case other trolls are going to answer with get gud, don't even try. I got my egg, meta earned, thanks to a great com. At least be honest and say ' I got mine, and I don't really give a sh*t about u'. Because that's the real truth behind this debate. < Mic Drop >
  10. In rl fishing is relaxing. In gw2, I feel like my brain is going to explode while fishing. In rl a 3 year old can fish easily, with zero, or almost zero help. In gw2, you need a PhD in fishing.
  11. For me, getting the turtle is about fairness. If you think you have a fair chance at a prize, then find out you never did, well, I just don't like being treated that way. I don't really know why some people are so hateful. I can not stand smug bullies myself, but I usually just block them.
  12. You know, that's a really good point. I thought I liked her, but maybe I was thinking as my mother says 'Like a child'. I do like that she was the one, who went out to slay the dragons, (pun intended) while the 'little man' changed diapers, cause why not, but you make a good point.
  13. I've done the strike mission needed for the turtle achieve, with pugs, that have all tanked. I can't do it alone, and often I can't find help that can do it. A guild memeber offered to help me when I get back. I hope I can complete it then. I also wish they would stop blocking achieves, that seem to be advertised as achieves for everyone, behind group content.
  14. Open world, is not wvw. This meta was like someone saying, 'Hey this is something fun for you. Pay me and it's yours. Then they're like, ' Oh, well, manybe not ! ' I hope this is getting better. I have my turtle egg and I'm still annoyed.
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