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  1. I think I should clarify for some here that the teapot is definitely not the thing that made me leave. It's just the latest thing that made me realize I feel disconnected from the game. Other items have built up that disconnect in the past, the teapot just made me realize how large that divide has become. Loved many of the replies, so thank you for making me smile.
  2. For a while now, ArenaNet has been adding items to the gemshop that are out of place in Tyria. This week a tea-set. The more these items are added, the less I want to play GW2. My immersion is broken, I can no longer get lost in Tyria without being confronted with this game being very much a videogame, and that takes away my motivation to play this game. This isn't a threat, this isn't a request for change. ArenaNet should make the game they want to make, but my desire to be a part of it is waning. Thank you for all the good times, and much fun to those who
  3. ^ I think this is the most important takeaway. I think DRM's are actually decent content, but they are a) all feeling the same, and doing the same 10 times in a row is not my idea of fun; and b) they are all Primordus and Jormag, if they had jumped back into the past and given us even just one per old dragon (Zhaitan, Mordremoth, Kralkatorrik; also pun was intended) that would've broken the monotony some. Just because the story is at some place right now, doesn't mean they can't fill out the past a little bit more (see Marionette or Vision Of The Past for examples).
  4. Generally I agree, but since this one is a special case, it should be the exception. +1 for stat resetability please.
  5. You can decline, just don't play that chapter or story-step. Literally nothing changes for the story, since you rush off to the desert after refugees start coming in. In the end, you really didn't need that Eye of Janthir.
  6. There's a 20-slot bag at the end of the Halloween Reward Track. I thought it would be worth it, but after this I've changed my mind. So no, in fact I don't do it. EDIT: Or maybe I'll give that another try, see below.
  7. Why do we get useless stuff (tonics) that nobody wants (i.e. can't sell it on the trading post) in Halloween bags that we also can't vendor? It's worse than getting nothing, because I actually have to waste time cleaning up this pointless inventory filler.
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