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  1. The game came out in 2012 but yes DECADES FOLKS DECADES!!!!
  2. This is beautiful comment and its getting confused reacts. This post is literally just offering ideas to put life blood into the mode. in the game and people are confused by it... Just so were clear this is why our mode ate itself.
  3. My brother - Amen. 5v5 is from an E-sports focused era that frankly isn't relevant. I would love to see deathmatch - and also with bigger maps. Death match only but in maps life temple. No Nodes. Would make for a wild experience.
  4. Okay lol. Ill come on and admit when I over did it. I do agree that WvW even by itself beats out CM strikes and Raiding weekly. Thats all I am trying to say. I love pvp and got a bit carried away. Right - I dont think we should champion the demise of this game. Selfishly because I havent found anything that even comes close to it combat wise.
  5. Amen brother - Top 10 favorite statements made on the forums right here.
  6. So you think good business is to launch the game with no pvp? Want to make sure I understand this statement.
  7. This is literally a post about how people here just play pvp. Because you declare something doesnt make it true. WvW+sPvP (a lot of the same people) is a larger number than PvE I would guess. If you removed PvP all together from the game you would kill your own game. So what is your point?
  8. Amen Brother. I'll ask you though - how aware of this do you think they are? I think its not even the same dev team. Also regarding the other guys comments about the engine - this was a new engine for GW2 versus GW1 when it launched. I remember thinking how beautiful the game was in 2012. Truely amazing. However - they dont have all the proper access to the engine from the original devs - which is why "spaghetti code" is constantly referenced. So a new engine would be mandatory to upkeep with graphical expectations of the generation and be able to have full access to the game their developing. As I understand it they dont have that as it stands with GW2. I could be wrong - this was heresy I was told. So I have no factual basis for this.
  9. Bro chill out on the pvp hate. 4 Posts in a row. We get it. You like to pve. Here's the thing though Andy - by asking for a 1/3 of the game to be forgotten you're ruining the same game you claim to love. Also FYI GW2 was designed as a PvP Centric game. "pvP gEts wHAt it dEseRVes"
  10. PvE people for some reason are hard up on denying PvP is a thing. Like PvP deniers or something. PvP is the most active mode in video games. Especially PC. Spvp is definitely played. Its all I play too. Like him. This forum is one of the more active forums on here as well. Also 2 out 3 game pillars involve some form of pvp in this game. WvW and Spvp make up 2/3s of the game. Pve being the other third. Removing PvP, ignoring it, or pretending like its somehow less important than PvE is a terrible business model. Its why GW2 has struggled some. They alienated 2/3 of their player base for awhile.
  11. Bro this spoke to my soul - I have always HATED THIS about this game. It feels like were on a console. Its HORRIBLE. My Sky scale shouldnt hit an invisable wall where I am forced into a portal to change maps or use a WP. I want to be able to fly from 1 side of the map to other. Continents should be traveled too. Remove the way point system. Create a recall system like ESO if its needed. Is this real?
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