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  1. I didn't really have a main back in GW1, I played everything but had a particular fondness for mid-line classes in Heroes Ascent pvp (Ritualist, Necromancer, Mesmer, ect). In GW2, I have over 12,000 hours played on Mesmer with another 2000 spread throughout the other 8 classes. I still play Core Mesmer more than anything else when I do play, I just don't play very often anymore. I will never achieve the level of Mastery I have over Mesmer on another class, so quitting Mesmer for a new main is out of the question.
  2. Anet went too far and there's no way to pretend that the post 2019 balance team doesn't have a strong bias against Mesmer. The vast majority of the GW2 community as a whole agrees that Mesmer is in a very bad place. What's Anet's brilliant idea for the elite spec? Lets remove clones, remove dry shatters, remove instant cast shatters, and remove f4 distortion. In exchange, we are allowed to give up a decent trait-line and have our shatters reflected. They've spent the last 2-3 years gutting core, chrono, and mirage. I shouldn't be surprised that they're giving us an intentionally bad spec
  3. I didn't quit Mesmer in the sense of swapping to another class, I mostly just stopped playing the game. By the time One-Dodge-Mirage became a thing the majority of my playtime was relegated to CM+T4 Fractals and solo/small group roaming in WvW with a little bit of Spvp here and there. Mesmer was nerfed out of the Fractal meta ages ago but the PvE Meta in this game has always been bonkers. My main issue revolves around the competitive Meta. Prior to the infamous February patch Mesmer had so many viable build options. I frequently swapped between Core, Chrono, and Mirage and never felt like
  4. Its a fun spec but it needs work. The most glaring issue is that the build is close to worthless against players or groups with a lot of projectile management. All 3 dagger attacks, the first 3 shatters, and the elite skill can be reflected. One core guardian is enough to shut this spec down. I am very happy with the change to sword 3, but I've noticed a lot of issues with the leap malfunctioning (it often leaps in place without moving the character). The current f4 skill doesn't feel right regarding the flow of staying protected in combat. When the skill is used with a high blade count
  5. Mirage has one setup that kind of works in pvp. Condition Mirage sort of functions because it was a genuinely broken design from the beginning. I am in awe that the devs created such a brain-dead abomination and then nerfed everything around it instead of dealing with the shining purple elephant in the room. That aside, losing our second dodge heavily conflicts with the design of GW2 combat. In general, dodging should be your first defensive action. You use it first because if you don't, you are wasting a resource. Once that first dodge is used, you are regaining endurance and still have
  6. I assume he was referencing the complaints about how bad Mirage was going to be before PoF launched. Historically, its a bad idea to bet against the new Mesmer elite specialization. That being said, Core Mesmer was in a much better place back when Chrono and Mirage launched. I hope I'm wrong and the Virtuoso is solid, but I wouldn't want to live in a house built on a weak foundation.
  7. From what they've showed us, Virtuoso may be stuck with Core Mesmer mobility. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks closer to a Fresh Air Ele than anything else. It's possible that Illusionary Leap will become an unconditional leap or teleport (which should be the case for Core anyway), but that's still a drop in the ocean compared to the mobility of the top roaming classes. I'm interested in the new spec, but I care way more about the general state of Mesmer. Core suffered extreme nerfs in order to keep Chrono and Mirage in line, but the devs butchered the especs anyway. Core Mesmer needs buffs
  8. They really are extremely outdated skills. Time Warp was a fantastic support skill before elite specializations. The mere existence of Firebrand has made that elite skill laughable. I have a harder time justifying a cd reduction on Signet of Humility as it really can be devastating in the right context. To be honest though, most of the time when I'm hit by it in WvW it actually ends up helping me. I play Core Mesmer and I only ever eat SoH when I'm very outnumbered so I tend to appreciate the Moa Mobility.
  9. Well put, the only addendum I would make to this is that Core Mesmer is the superior WvW solo roamer, it just requires far more skill to play effectively. I do concede that Axe Mirage is probably the better duelist with more favorable match-ups overall, but Core Mesmer can 1vX circles around it and that's the most important thing when solo roaming.
  10. The answers here don't really fit with my overall belief, but "needs to be buffed" is closer than anything. There are definitely things that need an overhaul. The gimmicks on both Chronomancer and Mirage are not conducive to a balanced game. Anet has chosen to handle this by giving them each an extremely harsh penalty that has put them both in the F-tier. Chronomancer was doomed from the beginning and I don't see a clean solution. Without continnum split, its just Core Mesmer with a kitten traitline and bad support skills. Mirage could be fixed fairly easily. My wish there is that they
  11. Core Mesmer is too stealth reliant as it is. What it needs is mobility.
  12. The elite specialization looks like a straight downgrade to Core Mesmer in a lot of ways. The "shatters" are not instant cast, the f4 is not invulnerability, and you can't dry-shatter. Its also worth noting that unless I missed something, there is no mobility attached to the elite spec. Mobility creep has resulted in Core Mesmer being an extremely slow class. With Mirage being more or less unplayable in spvp/wvw, that needs to be addressed.
  13. Probably here. https://www.guildwars.com/en/ Edit: The account section on the Guild Wars website seems to take you to Arenanet's site. My Guild Wars account information is showing up on Arenanet's site alongside my Guild Wars 2 account. For some reason it has GW2 separated by core game and expansions whereas Guild Wars is just shown as a single entity despite my owning Prophesies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North.
  14. My assumption here is that very few (if any) devs working on balance were around for the inception of the skills they are balancing. It's likely that many have come and gone since GW2 launch. This revolving door of employees results in a downward shift regarding the balance team's understanding of each class as time goes on. If you needed to push out changes to show your player-base that you're trying to improve balance but don't have an intimate understanding of why things are the way they are for each class, it probably feels a lot safer to mess with things like skill cooldowns, power dam
  15. I was referring to both removing your conditions and gaining super-speed as reasons why requiring you to face your target is a problem. If you're trying to disengage from a fight but need to turn around and face your target (which means you are no longer running away from them) in order to gain the 1.5s of superspeed offered by the skill/trait interaction then it isn't worth doing. The need to face your target in order to remove your conditions is just as problematic as it means you are unable to do so while kiting and literally can't use the skill when immobilized (unless your target stands
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