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  1. I completely agree. You should not be able to change class at the beginning or in the middle of a game, unless there is a more significant penalty apart from a little time lost. Mmo's are rock paper scissor game and class swapping ruins the experience.
  2. Some kind of 10/15 GvG would be interesting. 10 sounds better for raid synergy.
  3. I've seen quite a few posts suggesting a pistol as the next weapon for the warrior in the upcoming expansion. I was just thinking how cool it could be to have a spear (staff). Just think of the possibilities! throw!, impale! sweeping strike! GOT viper vs the mount themes come to mind!
  4. Anyone else having to rely on the stun burst combo just to get off damage? Feels very much like a ballerina, weaving in and out, waiting to apply the burst at the right time. I would like to see some more sustain, more cripples, maybe a faster 2h charge too. A little similar to a warrior from wow, or any other rpg for that matter. In sPvP I can run berserkers amulet just fine, but I use demolishers so I can at least stay in close combat for longer. ?
  5. How to fix the berserker, just have berserk activate separately to burst skills so you can just activate it when you need to without sacrificing core war bursts. Simple.
  6. How about make it a PBAoE attack that strikes quickly, immobilizes and cripples foes in the area, and flips over to the old 100B. That way you get a usable skill with the option of using the old 100B or not depending on if the immob sticks. Exactly! It's a Decent pve skill with very limited pvp use. Every video I've seen of good warriors don't even use the skill, too many downsides. Having the option to covert the ability into some kind of utility would be reasonable
  7. More cripples, less need to burst & hundred blades most certainly needs a mobility rework/alternative skill. E.g make it work like a block skill, if you wait till the end, you stay still and deal the normal hundred blades damage or instead cancel the damage for some utility, such as a. Aoe cripple or something.
  8. Hi guys, This is just a message to say I sympathize with the current state of warriors in pvp. I play all classes in pvp mode, with the warrior is the only class I come away from each game mentally exhausted from the effort, with little rewards to show for it ??. But it's not all bad, no other class gives you the same satisfaction landing decent arcing slice ? But. . . . I can apply half the effort on other classes such as my engi, Necro & ranger and still come out with top damage, caps etc. The difference really is quite stark with less time back at spawn. For such a tanky class I'm just happy we have great mobility in clinch situations. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with changes in class design. We seem to have adopted a dodge, CC & burst strategy. The class feels more like a S/D thief? What ever happened to the juggernaut? Changes to the amulets haven't helped. That being said, there are a few warrior players out there that really make it work well, but I still think if they played a different class e.g Rev, they'd get more bang for their buck and effort. Those that still play this class, I take my hat off to you because you must really love it. I think having a decent condi weapon would help in some build diversity, or maybe tying in the condition on cc mechanic/traits.
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