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  1. Yes, block exists, but what I'm suggesting would preemptively stop harassment from strangers. I don't think it's unusual to want to opt out of unsolicited private messages. I'm not asking for a work around, I'm making a very specific suggestion.
  2. You can block anyone, but I shouldn't have to read a stranger's comments in a private message in the first place. I mean, we don't walk around in real life with our contact information floating above our heads, so why should we in-game? You can set yourself to invisible, but then it looks like you're ignoring friends. This seems like an obvious feature to include.
  3. I've had an account for a few years and I've never had any problems like this. Then after I started Ice Brood Story, it disconnected me and blocked my account. I can't log in to open a ticket. The only thing I can think of is that I used a VPN, but I entered the security code when prompted. I live in Thailand, so I thought it might improve my connection, but the VPN made my ping slower, so I logged out and closed the VPN. I had been playing normally for a few hours and then just disconnected and blocked. Please help.
  4. Look at how many stacks he keeps up. You can find some other videos on youtube.
  5. I started with Minstrel's then later switched to Harrier's with a few Minstrel trinkets for survivability. It's fine in T4. I think I had half/half at one point. You can mix pieces and experiment. I prefer the boon time and damage Harrier's gives to the extra heals of Minstrel's. Also, Harrier's feels better with a more experienced group, because they don't tend to need much heals and your ~6k DPS helps. Minstrel's feels better when your pug needs to be carried because you can just ignore most mechanics.I've seen HFB run full Harrier's, full Minstrel's, Harrier with Magi trinket, full Diviner'
  6. Just hit the golem for a bit on condi and can't see any noticeable difference in damage.
  7. I just got into gw2 this month and decided on condi firebrand for fractals and raids, just finished my ascended viper set. Am I screwed?
  8. I'm really interested in this build because I love condition Firebrand, and I want to work towards building heal/support gear for fractals. I was thinking of going full minstrel's, since I've seen Harrier's do negligible damage anyway.How is Seraph's for FoTM? Do you find yourself trying to actively heal everyone or are you mostly DPS'ing and just passively healing from solace and symbols? I'd hate all the DPS stats to go to waste if I'm barely targeting the boss.
  9. That depends on which game mode you want to play. The Snowcrows build you linked is intended for raids and fractals, so you'll be fine there. But if you find yourself dying a lot, you can mix in some Trailblazers, or the more accessible Dire or Carrion gear.If you want to do open world or WvW/PvP, you'll definitely need more toughness and vitality. Trailblazers is amazing for open world and soloing everything.As far as toughness vs. vitality, you want a blend of the two, but keep in mind that higher toughness will attract more aggro.
  10. Zealous Sceptor in the Zeal spec with a sceptor stacks to 25 pretty quick and stays there. I use it in my Trailblazer Firebrand open world build.
  11. I've been playing Firebrand for a while and I really enjoy everything about it. I like doing fractals and open world events, eventually I want to get into raiding. I've been using a Viper's exotic set for fractals going more hybrid dps. I also have a trailblazers set of exotics for open world events. I've got my crafting up and mats ready to craft several pieces of ascended armor and I'm kind of torn between crafting the Condi dps Viper's/Sinister/Grieving set and a more support set like Harriers/Minstrels/Seraph. I know it comes down to personal preference and what playstyle you like, but I'
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