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  1. Worth noting, in other Lore Interviews, the Mists are described as multi-layered, which means it makes sense that Revenants would be able to use their magic to slip into the shallowest layer of the Mists. Best comparison I can think of is the Ethereal Plane from D&D. It's just kind of there, just beneath the surface, but unlike the Eternal Battlegrounds, the Borderlands, the Edge of the Mist, and the PvP Hub, it isn't quite a solid place with lots of islands and structure. It's just the shallows, skimming under the surface of the Mists to quickly return to Tyria.
  2. A group of Vigil roleplayers under the larger, Living World Roleplay Discord server recently participated in a five weeks long arc where we battled an alliance of Frost Legion and Modniir in Harathi Hinterlands. It was an extremely experimental roleplay event where we used large-scale troop warfare, with each player controlling 10 NPCs in a style similar to Fire Emblem. I thought I'd share my DM notes with the community so other DMs who want to run large-scale combat events can see how we've run them in past and brainstorm how we could run them in the future. https://docs.go
  3. Hey all! Some of you have seen my Character Dossier for Elidryn, my 18 year old Sylvari Guardian. I've been working on a series of short stories to cover the first few years of his life, when he was just a sapling, and I'd appreciate any feedback, both on the contents of the story and the writing itself. I'm always looking to improve! I hope you enjoy reading it! Book 1: Courage https://docs.google.com/document/d/1suGNVYtJ01syLGf3y4LusDrjJ_ov8g188CsUWvVehzk/edit?usp=sharing Meditations On Courage: Coming soon!
  4. These are all really good ideas and suggestions! I've soft of waffled on it myself, sometimes using one or the other (usually depending on my level of laziness in the RP scene >>;;) I admit, there is something fun about treating boons as a type of universal enchantment that can be created, stolen, ripped, or corrupted in a standardized way across professions and characters. It's also definitely nice to have a clear-cut idea of how two such characters might interact, especially when RPing when unfamiliar with one another's styles. Still, it's cool to imagine how the boons might take
  5. You could always create a Google Doc or similar 'external' file/image with all your characters and link it here. That way, folks can browse at their leisure without taking up a ton of space!
  6. In-Game Name: ElidrynPronouns: He/HimSpecies: Sylvari Position in the Pact: Vigil Warmaster, Order of Whispers Lightbringer, Pact ScoutYears of Service: Vigil (1320 -Present), Order of Whispers (1326-Present) Brief Rumors: "I heard the Vigil tried him for sedition when they found out he was with the Whispers... how'd he make it back to Warmaster?" "Plant was furious when they transferred him to Elder Vale before he got a chance at Zhaitan. Think that's why he swapped sides?" "You see him when he got back? He was covered in scars. Could barely walk. Vigil put him on
  7. Hello all! I'm excited that we finally have a forum thread to discuss roleplaying. In combat roleplay, I often find it difficult to describe boons and some conditions. Obviously, some, like bleeding, burning, or poison, are fairly cut and dry, but more nuanced effects can often be difficult to describe in Roleplay without it feeling to 'game-y.' How do you write your character using boons and conditions? Does your character create them using magic, or do you mirror these in-game effect relying on clever prose to reflect a character's mundane or martial skills? I am curious to see your id
  8. Name: Elidryn Gender/Pronouns: He/Him Species: Sylvari Profession: Guardian Appearance: Elidryn is an average-looking sylvari with a wide chin and nose. His tough, bark-like skin is teal with softer leaves wrapped around his forearms, chest, and legs. Very tall and well-built. His posture is stiff like a soldier, but he moves with an easy grace, wasting no energy on unnecessary movement. He has severe frost-burn scars on the left side of his face, neck, chest, and shoulder. Frequently Visited Locations: The Vigil Keep The Chantry of Secrets
  9. The stories, Living World episodes, and expansions of Guild Wars 2 often delve deeply into the lore of one region of Tyria, while the Pact Commander leaves past regions and allies behind to face new threats. As we delve into the far north, diving into the lore of the Charr and Norn, what are a few minor story notes going on in other regions? The Captain's Council in Lion's Arch. The soldiers and allies still stationed in the Maguuma Wastes and the Heart of Maguuma beyond. Seraph fighting White Mantle, Asuran Krewe's researching unbound magic, and Valiants cleansing Orr. Elona left without a l
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