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  1. The one thing I hate about rooting skills is that if you don't fully wait for it to finish and you walk, be it accidentally or intended, you interrupt it, putting it on the usual 3 seconds cd, or if it started and simply hit once on a several hits skill it goes on full cd. Very slow movement but not needing you to stand in place would be ideal. And yeah, that one, hundred blades, it's so stupid that you are held in place, a lot of times slashing the air because your target moved a bit. In pve it's usually ok but not lately with some kinds of enemies that move away from you or disperse whe
  2. Rather than picking an inamovible main you are better off picking a few and having each with at least a couple different builds be it power, condi or support. Not the first time I thought it was fine to gear up a character for a build with ascended just for time later it being nerfed to the point it wasn't ok to play anymore compared to alternatives (maining power herald for so long I was forced into condi renegade with the nerfs for example). Since then I either stay in exotics being easier to get from selectable chests or the expensive but more convenient way, legendaries. You probably
  3. I don't think I'd ever use any of those weapons tbh, but if it was for the sake of collecting the thing is you also gotta spend quite the amount of gold. 122 per set totalling 244g so it's not just "I don't know what to do with the tokens" but "I don't know what rewards to get for playing the event without also draining my wallet in an obvious gold sink". I wonder who besides skin collectors and someone that really likes the set actually gets them. For new players it's a no go, they have better things to spend their little gold onto and a lot cheaper weapons to gear up. Being tradable would b
  4. Being able to exchange them for festival tokens would be nice. I have almost 60 and barely anything worth getting but always short on festival tokens. Doing SAB for ~1 hour a day I get enough bauble bubbles to get the whole weekly vendor inventory a couple days in and have many left. This festival? Even doing it daily I barely reach anything. It takes 12,500 festival tokens for everything. 80 for blitz gold so 240 if you were to just do the daily 3 for the achievement. Around 150 from treasure hunt + effigy. And 120 for all 3 races. 3570 a week if you were to do everything without farming
  5. If it was at least every hour it'd be ok enough, but not 2 hours. The other one sometimes is tied to blittz but it happens often enough it's not a problem, you just show up, contribute to filling the bar and ready to go. Even for regular dailies you can skip things like a world boss that happens once every few hours but not this if the special currency is tied to not one but 2 specific dailies instead of giving the full thing for completing the 3. A mystic coin is nice and all but it'd make sense the opposite thing, completing the event daily rewarding the event token and the mystic coin
  6. Firestorm Logging Tool 1000 gems, convenient infinite uses vs limited regular, coming with a glyph worth +150g making gathering 50% faster, you'll see it way more times than the bot and in any map, not exclusively in Cantha. On the other hand, not cute cat, but also no special function or saving and as it was said, no dyeing. Even a skiff is ok-ish to cost that much because even without special functions you can anchor it anywhere and be permanently in display. Even a mini does more for less.
  7. It must be the revenue, because if we talk about the size of the community, just remember how the voicing is in English (makes sense being American), but then French and German, Spanish is text only, and I'd be sure this one is bigger than the other 2. For many text only would be enought though, like Brazilians have asked about their language isn't anywhere before. To me it feels like Spanish was added as courtesy for Americans that speak it and being a big language in the world. But besides that maybe it doesn't leave enough money combined than the others to invest into it, and then same
  8. If those items were much more common that many people got them then they wouldn't be that much expensive when you looted one, back to complaining about a bad rng. To me there are way too many items and too expensive to get them all, so you just try to get what you most like. If you can't be lucky and get the drop then you just can save gold to buy it. This is Fashion Wars 2, so the flashy stuff will be usually very rare and very expensive. You surely can see around people that complained before about they want more exclusive skins to show off. Like once you see 5 people with Twilight in t
  9. On paper it looks like a good idea. In practice I'd say it's not. I could and I have led certain things I like and I've done them dozens or hundreds of times in a random group or following someone else. If I had to even do raids or some other content I'm not good at or I simply don't like, someone extremely good at leading something would be seen as a noob tag over someone that did everything but maybe is trash at leading, what you are trying to fix. To make it usable it should change your tag type/rank per content instead of in general. That's not viable though and also very confusing. A
  10. In my first mmo you needed a cash only item and you'd fuse 2 items together, one for stats and another one for the look that would be lost in the process. I see it as a win here since, yeah, at first it's hard to get them and you feel like not wasting them changing looks often, but trust me, later you'll be swimming in them. Basically all cash items come as a skin that you can apply for free (once). Legendaries are a very long term goal but they allow free changes. Map completion will I'd say 75% of the time give you one charge instead of a way more valuable key. Pvp / wvw reward tracks also g
  11. I come when I hear about the new controversial thing that Anet has done to have a good laugh. Flaming in those threads is good too \o/ Or when I notice some weird change or bug and I wanna check out if it's just me or Anet at it again.
  12. I haven't seen it lately either, but also I haven't been switching templates any often since I permanently moved to renegade and switching would remove boons. What I haven't seen for a really long time and it's very good is my whole build being reset either on logging in or simply moving maps. Rev has been the only class I've ever seen that happen so I ended up saving those builds to restore them. My guess is both issues were related as they reset something for revs.
  13. Kaineng was the map I was most looking forward to see and it was the biggest disappointment. I was expecting more crowds, like what you see in the loading screen. But also darker nights like in the concept art. Even darker actually so holograms and neons would stand out, being a more "electric city". Even if the rest of the maps had little difference between day and night lighting, at least Kaineng featuring darker nights. Like Ember Bay has this lens flare effect when you look at the sun, you can't see it anywhere else. 1500 is exaggerating, but it needs more city life. Letting you go in
  14. As I remember dungeons were nerfed by the time they remade fractals. I think it was even when raids were released? Just to force people to move to the new content that gives better gold / gear. Now it's been nerfing fractals taking the mystic coins to give them to eod strikes and favor them, besides adding those legendary chests to return to IBS, the turtle requiring one, many mastery points from them etc. Strikes are the current content they'd be working towards, they wouldn't put any further effort into dungeons. I was surprised they unified the currencies anyway, but that just made weapon/a
  15. It's just another gold / mats sink. So that's why once they saw people were just crafting the very cheap coffee and it wasn't draining the economy as expected they simply made it drop nothing. Same removing several other cheap ones because besides you being able to craft them you could get them from other sources, chests or drops. Oh and remember when you couldn't even salvage a stack, 250 clicks manually lol.
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