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  1. but i want my transmuted legendaries to be reverted to their vanilla state/just out of the mystic forge by applying the original skins on them. And I wanted my warrior to have no crafting disciplines, but I accidentally clicked "make me an armorsmith" while trying to buy stuff from the armorsmith NPC (I often use crafting stations as banks). So now she's an armorsmith.Also, my Eternity is transmuted.
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the window to find what you're looking for.
  3. I appreciate seeing the full fight. Heavily edited roaming vids tend to get a bit stale (for me) because you never know how fights truly go thanks to the edits. Whenever I see someone post a roaming montage I just kind of roll my eyes and ignore it, because once you've seen one, you've seen them all. They edit out any fights they don't win easily, and they dub over the whole video with a cringey and/or meme soundtrack.
  4. As someone who doesn't have these things, but would like to have these things, I'm all for reducing the ridiculous grind a little. I don't have the kind of free time it takes to finish diamond every week at 4 pips per tick. And considering I only gain 10-20 ranks a week (depending on what servers we're up against -this past week was pretty bad for WXP) getting to 2k from my meager 92, will take literal years.
  5. If you're getting hit for 25k from death's judgment, then you should probably stop playing glassy builds. Granted, I don't bother dueling thieves (or mesmers) because they simply have too many escape tools and are generally a waste of time to fight. But I've never been hit for 25k by anything.
  6. As someone who has rarely stepped foot into WvW until recently, I'm in the opposite situation. Getting the mats for the rest of the gifts is easymode. But getting the wvw rank/skirmish tickets for warcry is going to take me a year or more.
  7. haven't you heard? daredevil steal range nerf means teef is so very underpowered atm you couldn't even kill an ambient with it.someone didn't get the memo. I dunno. I lost to a daredevil earlier today. But he +1'd me while I was fighting a herald.
  8. I'm pretty sure Hizen can make soloing bounties and meta events look easy with any profession. Take a look at his most recent weaver video...and the spellbreaker video before that...and the firebrand video before that.
  9. They will go up for purchase next week. People who buy the supply drop package get one a week early.
  10. Only when in your own territory. In enemy territory it's barely faster than a player with swiftness (before taking leaps into account, but any decent roaming build will run circles around a warclaw in enemy territory)
  11. As a PvE player, my issue is that the new searing fissure deals less damage in total than the old searing fissure. More front loaded damage is nice for pvp, but they didn't also need to reduce the total output of the skill.
  12. Warrior is actually not the least played class... Its actually still one of the most played classes...https://gw2efficiency.com/account/player-statistics cough cough, black lion key farm.cough cough, human story the shortest one to complete,cough cough, warrior class the easiers to complete due to leaps, close gaps and DPS.cough cough, black lion key reward in under 20 min. Unfortunately those numbers do not portrait the reality of warriors in WvW and PvP.And for a good measure, just look at the forum. Go to profession tab and see how many discussions are there in the warrior forum. Guardian and warrior are the least discussed, and just look at the discussions on the warrior forum, its to nerf this or that...The truth is warrior is one of the least played classes and the forum discussion corroborates that.Guardians are better key farmers despite the lack of swiftness/movement skills. Mounts make getting around between story instances irrelevant, and you're not forced to do much running during the actual story instances, aside from collecting the medicine from the bandit hideout. When it comes to killing stuff in those early story instances though, guardian with GS and sword/focus blows warriors out of the water.
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