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  1. Well, when Vermillion Throne was introduced, I spent around 150 Euro to get it...The previous chest(with the Skiff) I spent around the same amount... I got the new glider/wings on my first key from the current chest... RNG is RNG...things will even out... eventually 🙂
  2. Title. Can go past character screen, but when i try to start the game it freezes in infinite loading.
  3. Making deep calculations and cost-efficiency related brain-juggling, while still having the most casual mindset and not knowing basic stuff. Why this topic still exists and ppl comment on it? The most non-grindy game being pointed as such...
  4. I spent 150(!!!!!!) keys to get the Skiff Skin.... You can translate how much this is in real money. I gota admit Gw2 - is creating a gamble addiction problem for me.
  5. Well, this is what the commercialization and the "hunt" for players did to gaming overall. More and more soft souls that have several dollars, that the companies want to extract, entered the gaming world and in order to profit the companies dumbed down everything to "click here and enter end game" approach. Almost all games do that nowadays and this made the "new wave" of gamers whatever they are now in terms of goals and incentive. I know gaming is a form of escapism from the RL, but I still can't believe ppl think that they deserve something, just because... Complaining about price of
  6. For the time that OP answered every opinion/advice in the thread, while making bellow average attempts at economy analysis , they could`ve farmed full set of viper's and then some...
  7. Same for me. Alrdy multiple posts were made with this issue and they still didnt hotfixed this. It blocks so many ppl to progress towards the new leggys. If they dont fix it today, Im done with this expansion - they fixed so many other stupid stuff, instead of this major one. As an economy player, this totally kitten up my entire plans.
  8. Overall, cant log into the support site at all. Once I click Submit a ticket it asks me to sign in. I do and then I am redirected to my account overview page. After that I click on support again, because I want to submit a ticket and it asks me to fill my credentials again... And the loop continues forever... Anyone can assist me? P.S. : Also, why the option for anonymous ticket got removed?
  9. This sounds awesome! 10/10 will participate!77 - Simba RamelTy in advance for hosting this!
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